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Game Stickman Madness 2 online
Stickman Madness 2
Game Stickman Racing 3D online
Stickman Racing 3D
Game Causality - Road Rage online
Causality - Road Rage
Game Stickman Madness 3 online
Stickman Madness 3
Game Cop Vs Stickman online
Cop Vs Stickman
Game Stick Trinity 2 Zombie Slayer online
Stick Trinity 2 Zombie Slayer
Game Stickman Stunts online
Stickman Stunts
Game Shopping Mall Shooting online
Shopping Mall Shooting
Game Stickman Jim - Bike online
Stickman Jim - Bike
Game Stickman Downhill online
Stickman Downhill
Game The Ultimate Stickman Fighting Game Experience online
The Ultimate Stickman Fighting Game Experience
Game Sniper 2 online
Sniper 2
Game Stick Trinity online
Stick Trinity
Game Stick Dude Killing Arena Game online
Stick Dude Killing Arena Game
Game Stick Strike online
Stick Strike
Game Sift Renegade 3 Expansion online
Sift Renegade 3 Expansion
Game Stickman RPG Battle online
Stickman RPG Battle
Game Stickman Rush online
Stickman Rush
Game Stickman's Dream online
Stickman's Dream
Game Shopping Cart Defense online
Shopping Cart Defense
Game A Stick Mage Quest online
A Stick Mage Quest
Game Operation Stickman - The Undead Evolution online
Operation Stickman - The Undead Evolution
Game ClickDEATH Hospital  Lab online
ClickDEATH Hospital Lab
Game Stickman Death Office online
Stickman Death Office
Game Stickman Fighting online
Stickman Fighting
Game Stickman Freeride online
Stickman Freeride
Game Stickman Revenge online
Stickman Revenge
Game Hugo: Headshooter online
Hugo: Headshooter
Game Brain splatters online
Brain splatters
Game Stickman Sam 4 online
Stickman Sam 4
Game Stickmans  great adventure online
Stickmans great adventure
Game Stickman Rush online
Stickman Rush
Game Stickman Madness online
Stickman Madness
Game Stickman's Dream online
Stickman's Dream
Game One Man's Doomsday 1 online
One Man's Doomsday 1
Game Stick Strike online
Stick Strike
Game Professional Sniper online
Professional Sniper
Game Stickman Sam ia a sticky situation. Part 2: Into the Darkness online
Stickman Sam ia a sticky situation. Part 2: Into the Darkness
Game Stickman Mountain Board online
Stickman Mountain Board
Game Stickman Sam 4 online
Stickman Sam 4
Game Vestir A Stick Man online
Vestir A Stick Man
Game Stickman's Adventure online
Stickman's Adventure
Game Stickman Death Refill online
Stickman Death Refill
Game Catch the stickman online
Catch the stickman
Game Stickman Moto 3D online
Stickman Moto 3D
Game One Man's Doomsday 2 online
One Man's Doomsday 2
Game Stickman Death Robbery online
Stickman Death Robbery
Game Stickman tennis online
Stickman tennis
Game Stickman Hunter online
Stickman Hunter
Game Decorrupt the Deforesters online
Decorrupt the Deforesters
Game StickMan Jon online
StickMan Jon
Game Stickman Dressup online
Stickman Dressup
Game Stickman Dirtbike online
Stickman Dirtbike
Game Stickman Soccer 2 online
Stickman Soccer 2
Game Stickman Jim bike online
Stickman Jim bike
Game Stick Out Assault online
Stick Out Assault
Game Shift heads world online
Shift heads world
Game Stickman Factory online
Stickman Factory
Game Stickman Sam In A Sticky Situation Part 1: The Begining online
Stickman Sam In A Sticky Situation Part 1: The Begining
Game Stick Smasher online
Stick Smasher
Game Stickman Ride online
Stickman Ride
Game Stickman Sniper online
Stickman Sniper
Game Stickman Sniper online
Stickman Sniper
Game Stick Man Quest online
Stick Man Quest
Game Boring game feat stickman online
Boring game feat stickman
Game Suicide Sling online
Suicide Sling
Game Stickfigure Shooter online
Stickfigure Shooter
Game Ultimate Warrior online
Ultimate Warrior
Game Stick Man Stunts online
Stick Man Stunts
Game Stickman Goes To Hell online
Stickman Goes To Hell
Game Stickman Adventure online
Stickman Adventure
Game A Stick and His Kitten online
A Stick and His Kitten
Game Cobra City online
Cobra City
Game Quick Stick 3 online
Quick Stick 3
Game Within online
Game Stickman Rush online
Stickman Rush
Game Stikman Combo Stunts online
Stikman Combo Stunts
Game Obama VS Stickman online
Obama VS Stickman
Game Stickman Freeride online
Stickman Freeride
Game Stickman Jam Tribe online
Stickman Jam Tribe
Game Stickman obstacle course online
Stickman obstacle course
Game Metal Slug Stick online
Metal Slug Stick
Game Stickman Madness 3 - Stronghold online
Stickman Madness 3 - Stronghold
Game Untouchable stickmen online
Untouchable stickmen
Game Black Stick Interactive online
Black Stick Interactive
Game A Stickman Game  online
A Stickman Game
Game Stickman online
Game Stick gunman animations maker online
Stick gunman animations maker
Game Stickman Death Beach online
Stickman Death Beach
Game Stickman Escape online
Stickman Escape
Game Stickman Death Street online
Stickman Death Street
Game Stickman Mission  online
Stickman Mission
Game Find Sticky 3: Cut Short online
Find Sticky 3: Cut Short
Game Stick man tower defense online
Stick man tower defense
Game Stick Dodger online
Stick Dodger
Game Stickya Adventurya online
Stickya Adventurya
Game Stick RPG online
Stick RPG
Game Underground War 5 online
Underground War 5
Game Ultimate Spaceship 2 online
Ultimate Spaceship 2
Game Tank Storm 4 online
Tank Storm 4
Game Stickman Death Shopping Mall online
Stickman Death Shopping Mall
Game Stickman Death Classroom online
Stickman Death Classroom
Game Kill Stickmen Office online
Kill Stickmen Office
Game The Last Stick online
The Last Stick
Game Stickman Death Trip online
Stickman Death Trip
Game League Of Stickman online
League Of Stickman
Game Stick-man gym on! 2 online
Stick-man gym on! 2
Game Kill! kill!! 1# - street chaos online
Kill! kill!! 1# - street chaos
Game Causality 3  online
Causality 3
Game Stick Men Collect Bean online
Stick Men Collect Bean
Game Ace's Revenge II online
Ace's Revenge II
Game Run for Your Death online
Run for Your Death
Game Death Dice Overdose online
Death Dice Overdose
Game Heroestick War 2 online
Heroestick War 2
Game Heroestick 3 online
Heroestick 3
Game Hapland 2 online
Hapland 2
Game Stickman Death Party online
Stickman Death Party
Game Stair Fall online
Stair Fall
Game dodge bullet online
dodge bullet
Game Kill Bob online
Kill Bob
Game Eggy's Death Chamber online
Eggy's Death Chamber
Game Water Ragdoll 2 online
Water Ragdoll 2
Game Ragbomb online
Game stikmen gunner  online
stikmen gunner
Game Glitching Ragdoll online
Glitching Ragdoll
Game Bloody Way online
Bloody Way
Game Sift Heads World: Act 6 online
Sift Heads World: Act 6
Game Creative Kill Chamber online
Creative Kill Chamber
Game Mike Shadow: I Paid For It online
Mike Shadow: I Paid For It
Game Rage 3 online
Rage 3
Game Knife online
Game Kill da guy online
Kill da guy
Game Fly and smash online
Fly and smash
Game Stickman Of Duty 3D online
Stickman Of Duty 3D
Game Sift With Shorty online
Sift With Shorty
Game Stickman Fun Ride online
Stickman Fun Ride
Game Stick Out Act 2 online
Stick Out Act 2
Game Stickman escape online
Stickman escape
Game The Crazy Button online
The Crazy Button
Game Killin' a stickman online
Killin' a stickman
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Games stikmen history Drawing man

It is said that any manifestation of human creativity never dies. There is a country where children are sent to live drawings and paintings, and fictional characters side by side with sculptures, even if in our world for a long time they pitched. If you run the game Stickman, we get to a world where men settled painted, as they depict children – in the form of sticks. They remind the match, with only hands and feet, and so frail physique does not prevent them to live an interesting life.
Since the stick – it is a stick, it turns out that the stickman – stick man.

The usually busy stikmen

In order to understand the interests of the character, the game open stikmen. This subject is quite versatile and resourceful. He knows how to dream, to fight, to entertain and build, but because among gaming options you will see:

The hero is never discouraged, because in his world, there are things to do, thanks to the imagination of developers who have gathered ideas from children's drawings, where men armed with sticks, guns, drive tanks, rest on the benches in the park, meet with the opposite sex.
In our character has a dream, and he stubbornly moves, overcoming difficulties to reach it. He deftly rid of urban rats, blocked the road, build stairs and help the red counterpart to take its place at the traffic lights, pass through a police post, avoid a collision with a train blow landfill will take place through the painted door, but it gets to the room of the artist, to take place in his picture.
There he and the moments when a stray thought comes to mind, for example, to steal the diamond. Let him guard the best police of the city, but if the hero is conceived, he would execute his adventure. The main thing is a good disguise, develop a plan to take care of high-speed transport and while it is almost done. And if something does not succeed, there is always a chance to beat, by making adjustments to the action.
Once stikmen met a beautiful, slim girl (she, too, all of the sticks), and invited her to a restaurant. They sit, talk, waiting for when the bring the champagne. And suddenly washed over stikmen desire to kiss a beautiful woman. He clung to her thin lips, but do not forget glances in the hall. If the bartender sees an open demonstration of feelings, it is a real scandal, however interrupted when he passes by with a tray. Do you think the level is easier to pass? The following will be at the next table a man and let him think that he is fascinated by the conversation, but he is also eyeing, you do not break the order of their kisses.
More games Stickman send you to conquer the mountainous terrain, so with stikmenov you do freeriding. Do the most difficult tricks, trying not to roll over and not a cripple.

The Dark Side stikmen

For all the romance and active life is hidden, and the second nature of the hero. He moonlights as a killer, as we were told the game stikmen, and we share a secret with you. He is fluent in different weapons, a master spy and a ruthless killer. He accepts the order to kill, and then pursues sacrifice everywhere – at the airport, railway station, in the cafe. He also owns a karate, and not once will converge in the melee. He's always in shape, and is easy to win if you become his partner and help in the battle.