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Magic game universe Stephen

It is a tradition for the series and comic books to create computer games. When you meet favorite characters, you feel a pleasant itching anticipation that now go with them to the next, yet unknown adventure. Perhaps it is full of dangers, but be sure to have a place to passion, pleasure and fun. That is what the universe and the game will not let you Stephen, promising a pleasant acquaintance with the four characters – intergalactic warriors:

higher purpose

Steven has not figured in the management of their stone, but the girls are willing to help him, because they are the last of the gems. Now they have to stick together, to resist evil and to revive the former glory of their civilization.
Heroes just exude magic from his body, and that makes them beautiful and powerful. But the boy must also exercise to seize power in full. The lessons do not end even on vacation. Girls come up with games of skill, strength, accuracy, intelligence, quickness.
In the first season seryl heroes visit historical places of his people, but see the complete destruction where once towered beautiful shrines and temples jewelry miracle. They also cover the sadness of what monsters began to appear, once also belonged to the gem, but now have lost the human form. That these creatures will meet and in the vast virtual space, and came into the game universe Stephen play.  

to exercise, start playing the game universe Stephen!

Even in the game's story universe Steven girls are more responsible, so they come up with different exercises to make Stephen a full warrior. For example, Pearl decided to teach him to clean and simultaneously hone responsiveness. She conjured a duffel rain, and now on top of the boy's fall a variety of items, and if no measures are not taken, it will soon sink under the rubble. Help him to distribute a basket of items, while there is room for manipulation.
This warrior must shoot well, here's girlfriend and painted portraits of the devil on the targets that Steve was interesting. It seems that the idea worked, because his face is clearly readable excitement, but need your help.
Fishing coins – The usual thing, but now in addition to the set of points you help the boy get the power that once all creeping monsters.
still want to introduce you to your beloved pet boys – goat Steve Bush. Horned beast has its own character, and does what he wants. One day he wanted to take a walk outside the farm, and is not going to come back. Jump with Steven on shaky platforms obbegat dangerous obstacles and entice the goat back to the golden apples.
Even when the most powerful and fast, can not do without the ability to notice important details. Puzzle will help to develop this talent and if you sit more comfortable and start looking to combine disparate elements.
Look to the lines and color transitions on each piece to find the continuation of the drawing.
The most delicious we have laid the girls finally – Test Gems, from which you learn how to look more like a precious girl. Answer unpretentious questions and get an answer – you closer searing beauty Pomegranate, delicate or bold Pearl Amethyst.