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Uncle Santa Games in the genre of comedy of the absurd

Peter Braungardt – The author of the famous cartoon series "Adventure Time" and "Uncle Grandfather", based on which we present the game Uncle Santa for free. As the first product that is designed in a certain direction and unique surreal humor. Fans of this genre will be delighted by the possibility to play the game Uncle Grandfather, solving a lot of problems arising in the way of heroes.
Worries the wizard enough, because there are so many people in need. He watches from a height, and if it receives a distress signal immediately rushes back to his magic wagon. A lot of work and it will not have done it without assistants.

The fabulous adventure heroes

The friendly team at Uncle Santa games online to play free calls to solve many cases. Without the support of my grandfather would not have time to visit all these places, and in fact every child required to participate. Wizards its own method –, he uses humor, but still makes stupid things, but they work, and this is most important.
Without speaking bags Barset Santa as without hands. It put an incredible amount of useful stuff. When there is a need for a particular thing, it is exactly there in the bins Barset. Steve's Pizza, is a piece of food, but it is magical, and can afford to look extravagant, wearing dark sunglasses. He sometimes gets into trouble because of their curiosity, but not discouraged, because Uncle Grandfather necessarily save him.
stands out among all of the Flying Tigers. It looks so natural because it animate the image in the photograph. In flight, it leaves behind a magnificent rainbow, and even it's own star of the TV show.
can be called Dinosaur Goes bodyguard Uncle Santa. He tries to be always near and reflect enemy attacks. It is reasonable, large and green, likes to read and to take a bath. Once you meet a dog Charlie Hamburger, loving to travel and Mishutka who repeats: "This is me!

The Adventures await!

For sure you can not wait to play Uncle Grandfather play for free and find out where the path runs friends. As part of the company, you will plunge into the dangerous and unpredictable events. Using the talents of everyone, you coped with the mission entrusted to the good magician.
As it happened, everything except my grandfather, went wandering among the tents of the circus came to town and got lost. Santa got the alarm and hurries to them. This walker, and the game Uncle Grandfather play online for free invites players to evaluate the possibilities of the protagonist. He will have to wander the corridors and look way up. Use objects to perform tasks. For example, inflate the bubble of chewing gum in order to fly up on it to Pizza Steve. Gradually, you will find other friends and went to a new job.
Together with the tiger, you fly in a different dimension, fight monsters and destroy boulders. Then laid in a supply of snowballs to break the evil army of snowmen, eager to turn you into one of their own. And to hone shooting skills, check out the transcendental shooting and quickly destroy icons with devils and angels, which acts in the role of himself Uncle Santa.
There will be a job for Christmas. Santa broke his leg falling off a roof where were transported Gift convolution. Uncle Grandfather always dreamed to stay in the role of Santa, and immediately offered to help, but first we must get through obstacles to the tree, and then put it under a box.