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Solitaire Kerchief
Game Klondike Solitaire online
Klondike Solitaire
Game Solitaire online
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Games solitaire – People's fun

Select solitaire is huge, and some you can play for hours and not come to a victorious conclusion. If you do not have time for such a global layouts, one of the most preferred becomes "Solitaire."
In the solitaire game you can play for free at any time, opening on the tablet, smartphone or computer. It will brighten up the waiting time, distract from unpleasant thoughts, a variety of leisure, allow escape from the drudgery. Its rules are simple and accessible, and the process can be interrupted and return later at any time.
In the solitaire game play for free like children and adults of any age. Children paint options "shirt" cards images of fantastic characters, and adults can choose subjects classics theme for adults or in rich colors landscapes. It does not bear any functional load, but it makes the gameplay enjoyable.

cards thrown on the table

Each solitaire has its own feature and a layout of cards on the site as well. The headscarf involved 52 cards.

  • The central part. Then 28 cards divided into 7 columns, and in each one card more than in the previous year. At first we see one map, and it is open. In the second two cards, which is an open top closed. The third column of the two closed and one open card, and so on. d. Each stack is only an extreme card is always open, and it can be moved.
  • The upper right corner. Here placed four basic empty cells for the four suits to be collected. The first card that lies here, an ace. It becomes two, then three, and four suits growing collect up to King. By bringing all the cells, you finish the game win.
  • The upper left corner. It contains a stack of remaining cards. Klondike Solitaire games online offer options in which you press the open deck of three cards at the same time or one by one. The latter case refers to a complicated game. There are also fun with the ability to enter the settings menu and define this point as desired.  
  • How to play the headscarf

    To move the map, you can only open one by one between the posts or stack, if already established. Placing each other will only cards of different suits in descending order, for example: red king (tambourine or worm), a black woman (peak or cross), Jack (tambourine or worms), and in the same sequence down the value.
    Renting open maps with closed stacks, you open it the next extreme. When formed open – blank cell without maps, here you can put a king or together with his entourage, that is. e. with collected in chronological order (as described) other cards.
    At any time, you can undo your last move, if you saw a more promising option. Drag and collect the cards for the time being can be as long as possible, when the available stroke runs out, use the backup deck. You can remove the extreme card, placing it in the base area or in one of the columns. If the current card is no place for precipitated by flipping the deck until you see the desired card.
    When the deck is finished, and then pressing it returns to shuffle option to the initial position. There are versions as Spider Solitaire Solitaire allows infinitely moving spare deck, and it simplifies the gameplay, making it more advantageous. In versions of the more difficult it can be to make a limited number of times, but it and the game takes on urgency and intensity. When you know that every action we must consider and weigh the victory gives much more pleasure.