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Game Descendants Wicked Real Makeover online
Descendants Wicked Real Makeover
Game Descendants Birthday Cake online
Descendants Birthday Cake
Game Descendants Jordan Dress Up online
Descendants Jordan Dress Up
Game Barbie As Mal In Descendants online
Barbie As Mal In Descendants
Game Descendants Trendsetters online
Descendants Trendsetters
Game Descendants: Party At Auradon Prep online
Descendants: Party At Auradon Prep
Game (Descendants: Smarte Couture online
(Descendants: Smarte Couture
Game Descendants: Auradon - Hidden Mystery Map online
Descendants: Auradon - Hidden Mystery Map
Game Descendants: Isle of the Lost Rush online
Descendants: Isle of the Lost Rush
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Games heirs of Disney fairy tales to come from

Disney became famous for its mutated scenarios to the famous fairy tales about princesses, mermaids and various monsters. Adventures of the characters take on a new twist, complemented by details and find a new appeal. But when all the fairy tales read and filmed, it is necessary to come up with something new to the story continues. One of the ideas was the musical fantasy film about children of different characters of fairy tales, and he has formed the basis for the game heirs of Disney. In the distant, beautiful and magical island Aradon royal couple ruled – Beast and Belle. Their kindness to his subjects attracted to the island and other fabulous goodies, but all the evil sorcerers, witches, and other villains have been concluded, and surrounded by the barrier on the island of Lost. From his prison, they can not harm spell good character that they strongly angry. This lasted for 20 years until he grew up the son of the ruling couple – Prince Ben. When he ascended the throne, the first thing to take drastic decree pardoned prisoners island of Lost, and allowing his son to study in the Academy of Magic, along with the locals Aradona. Ben's parents initially objected, but then gave way to his son, and he invited four children, the descendants of the enemies.
From that moment, unpredictable adventure in which the lack of intrigue, deceit, envy and jealousy. The series was released this summer, but in 2015 there were heirs of the game that pleased his young fans.

next heirs

The younger generation believes that their actions are correct, and the parents just outdated and forgotten his own youth. Truly, life begins with a rake, which each generation hurry to come more than once or twice. Learn from personal error – the inheritance of his youth, and Ben, inviting high school children of enemies of their parents, he provoked problems that began when Maleficent ordered the four to steal a magic cane fairy godmother to use it to control the light and dark enchantment.

creative fun with the Quartet

, the heirs of the game for free, to become part of the team and hooligans attractive personalities. They have prepared for you:

Once, before the heroes were allowed to leave the island of Lost, they conceived him to escape. They will have a dangerous adventure, and it is necessary to control each character in turn. Begins to escape the team leader – Mel, and then transfers control to Jay, which gave the baton to the next Ivy, and she – Carlos. Will they overcome the difficulties and avoid falling into the trap depends on your dexterity.
Games for girls Heirs prepared their plots. The daughter of Princess Mulan – Lonnie, has decided to organize a party that will be remembered for all time. Each task is assigned its own, and will decorate the hall, take care of snacks, check the remaining points. Yet this gorgeous outfits for the characters – vivid, lush, exquisite styles. A number of women applying tricks evil fairy, you simply do good, at least outwardly.