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Revenant game Slendermen

Silent horror – can be described as the hero of this section, Slendermena. He is silent and unhurried. No one noticed him jogging or fast movements, but the meeting with him always leads to the disappearance of people. Where they disappear, and what happens to them – is a great mystery, and to try to solve it, we offer games Slendermen play.
Each terrible nightmare, but when you do not know his face, it becomes a phobia, delusions of persecution, something incomprehensible. Slendermen has no face, very thin, tall, and wears a white shirt with black funeral suit, his hands can stretch and flex anywhere. They say he's a telepath, and is able to teleport to where think of him. He is worried, and he tries to destroy the source of the thought of it.
He does not like noisy places, preferring to hide in the woods, masquerading under the trees. Many victims do not even know that watching them creatures of darkness, and only at the last moment before death see how to stretch them flexible, long, thin hands tall man. And those who saw him from a distance, might say, if they had the chance, he looks even modestly omits peacefully standing up and bowing his head slightly to one side.

Slender must die

On account of the fictional character a lot of victims. Sometimes people go in droves, and no one sees them. Among them are children and adolescents who are particularly attracted Slendermena.
The character was invented by Eric Knudsen for the competition "Creating images of paranormal" in 2009, and soon became incredibly popular. About him come up with horror stories, devote fan sites, shoot horror movies, series and games Slendermen online. He remains faceless and pale, as conceived by its author, but sometimes in place of eyes, nose and mouth make him depression and even dark dips, but some game scenes are asked to draw his face yourself, to add more features, making it even worse.
At the main character is no need for weapons to settle accounts with you, but you will come in handy a couple of reliable machine guns, grenades and machine guns, if still decided to play the game Slendermen free, despite the warning of the danger. The most courageous will:

Games for the brave

The area Slendermen games online – place is pretty grim. It prefers a atomsferu character, and it should look out for in the dark corners, in fog and wild forest. To find the lair of a skinny man go on his bloody trail.
To solve the mystery, collect notes, which may find a clue. There may be a different number, but it is necessary to find all the notes and if broken, it is necessary to collect them on the shreds. Find them difficult, especially knowing that while you are hunting for a faceless monster, he is also following you, lurking and wait for the right moment to attack.
Among the subjects of the game Slender Man there are quite incredible options. Good and funny Teletubbies suddenly turned into bloodthirsty Slenderpuzikov. They have grown fangs, eyes bloodshot, face covered with someone else's blood, and they are very hungry. It is better not to play hide and seek with them, and run without looking back, do not forget to collect a portion of custard.
During the game maynkraft Slendermen collect pinned to trees page. To do this, go around the whole area, and carefully study each section. Pages merge with the background, and see them is very difficult.