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"The Adventures of Maya the bee" – written in 1912. The book Waldemar Bonzelsom. She filmed several times, creating a feature-length cartoons and serials. Thanks to modern technology also made possible the game Bee Maya, and kids can meet again with cute striped heroine, who has decided to go in search of adventure.
The Maya lived in the hive with other bees, work, collect pollen and make honey. But the same type of work every day tired her, and once she took the radical decision to leave home, see what interesting things happening outside.
This happened when the big hive is divided into two separate colonies, and the one where was the Maya raised her teacher Cassandra. Trainer warned that the wild bee and soon one will perish, but have failed to convince Maya to stay.
to escape, Maia made friends with other insects, and can not return, otherwise it will be punished. Once it happened what warned teacher – bee captured old enemies hornets. But the heroine has managed to escape from them. And she learned that they were preparing to invade and destroy it beehive. What to do? – to go back and warn, but received a foreclosure, or save itself and remain free?
After some thought Maya found the courage to return home under the threat of terrible punishment. Warning of danger bees were able to repel the attack hornets, and in gratitude to forgive her transgression Maya. Now she, too, became a teacher, and teaches life lessons to the younger generation.

characters with whom you will meet

In the cartoon book and a lot of different characters. There coexist spiders, flies, centipedes, dragonflies, beetles, ants and termites. Someone made friends with Maya and other bees, someone looks down on them. But opening the Bee Maya games for free, you will only communicate with the protagonists.

Play fun and sweet

Since the main characters are a bee, your job will often be associated with the collection of honey. Start Bee Maya games to play for free, and help the heroine to collect flowers with a sweet treat. This activity is responsible, and it is necessary not only to carry heavy buckets of nectar, and take care not to become entangled in the web or not to fall into the bush thorns. Mission must pass before sunset, otherwise the hive will close before morning.
The story of another Maya Bee game online sets the task to collect all the flowers, overcoming dangers and obstacles. You can also present themselves uninvited guest, and wander through the rooms of the hive, collecting honey. This story offers Maya Bee game to play online, solving puzzles, and we must think about their steps, if want to achieve success. At different levels explore locations and communicate with other characters, and they will help you.