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Open game Petri dish for free and was recovering on its own hunting inside the vessel, in which bacteria are developing.

How to become very oily bacterium

Iznachalno you represent a bacterium modest physique, which at any moment may engulf other.

17 * Move the cursor on the field, and the bacteria would follow him 18 ^ 7 W key will feed someone else's bacteria or viruses are small pieces of his body 8

1 Divide it in half, you can without sacrificing life, but to split up into smaller parts is not recommended so as not to become a victim of alien attack. Once you meet the green virus with spikes, which is also called a bush. It is dangerous because it breaks down in contact with the bacteria on them a scattering of small, but it will happen only with the bacterium, the weight of which exceeds the figure of 125. Get rid of the virus can be, if feed him, pinching off small pieces of themselves, they will need 7 to fill the virus.

games agar Petri dish is not like the products, where it is necessary to develop specific tactics towards the goal, but here need some advice. If you see the approach of hostile bacteria, attack it first, and then success will be at your side. Do not try to block the path of the victim, and pursue the most convenient route. If it is necessary to increase the speed, make sure that it is safe, and divide into parts. To grow faster, are eaten by larger bacteria, but which are smaller than you to not less than 30 %.

Igrat game agar Petri dish fun at all stages, because there are new opportunities, and you never know what will take, how to behave like the other players.