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Logic helps us in many different situations, and how it is better developed, the better we make the right decisions and find a way out of difficult situations.Even in childhood, children are vaccinated logical thinking by offering to collect a pyramid, where you have to string loops on the knitting needles, starting with the largest and ending with the most small.Playing with blocks and designers suggest the construction of houses, towers, bridges.Build them with the necessary capacity and a proportional basis to the structure collapses.Kids grow up playing with the children, and soon replaced the pyramids and cubes come chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, tetris, puzzles, Sudoku, Mahjong, mazes, battleships and other logic fun.Adults who happily continue to indulge in a familiar game, but in a computerized version.In personal computers at home or in the office, always stand solitaire card games and three in a row online.Speaking about the game three in a row, I'll give her credit for originality.Its purpose - to remove from the playing field, all the same elements, put them in a chain of three or more in a row.The longer the chain, the more points and opportunities it will bring.While the goal is always the same, the game is a great variety of plot lines, making every little unique.Each time, starting the next game, you get into the story, unlike the previous one.In the creation of themes for each version, used the idea of ​​fantasy, history, fabulous destinations, art, space and many more.Regardless of the idea, all the games look bright and attractive.Graphics perfectly traced, and the sound overlay corresponds to the main topic.Children will find a lot of versions of the game online three in a row, where we use the images or figures multpersonazh with fruits, flowers, animals, shiny stones, funny face.Adult players who appreciate the aesthetic appearance, have a chance to enjoy the paintings of cities of ancient civilizations, to find pirate treasure on a remote island with marvelous landscapes, recognized the familiar picture of Da Vinci and Michelangelo, to plunge into the Renaissance and Baroque.And to set the mood perfectly suited playing with figures and Simpsons Masyanya.Different games can be arranged in different ways to create a chain.Sometimes you have to drag the pieces with the mouse, so that they are in a line, but sometimes you shoot like a gun, in the same group in exactly the same element.Direct hit will connect figurines and disappear from the field, making room for new ones.In any case, your task remains the same - it is necessary to achieve the destruction of the same links and score as many game points.With each level of the game will be more complicated.On the field will block and chain that must be broken.To do this, you have accumulated bonus features - lightning, axes, sledge hammers, mixer, bomb and other elements.Each game has its own options, so do not expect that all of these bonuses will be exactly in the chosen version.If you found a minute of time, and you want to take yourself to something interesting, we offer you three games in a row online.With them you can relax and continue to reflect on current issues.You can always turn the game and go back to work, and then open it from the same place.Online games do not require installation on your computer and offer many interesting topics for pastime.These beautiful, bright, memorable games you want to return again and again.

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