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Wendigo Duo
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Yeti Sports (Part 10) - The End
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Game Yeti online
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Yeti Sensation
Game Ninja Ben in Winterland online
Ninja Ben in Winterland
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Consider yourself a brave man, and you think that you have no one and nothing could surprise?Just you have never met with a huge, angry, scary Yeti!We must be really brave to face it out of the fur monster living among the ice caps and mountain peaks of the Himalayas has a bad habit of attacking penguins and gullible people.Sometimes he gets bored and start looking for someone to talk to.Then he leaves his cold home and goes in search of friends.But as the experience in dealing he does not, he only knows what scares ski tourists who come to the winter resort to relax and take a ride.And if you can not find people for the Yeti and the penguins seem to be a decent company.That's the only reason all of it run up, and then it really starts to get angry.When he gets angry, run and do not look back, otherwise ...!Yeti flash games - are fun and funny stories about Bigfoot, who always finds a lot of adventures on his furry ass.Once found the Yeti is the real gun and awakened in him the instinct of a hunter on his spodvig feats.Unless of course shooting penguins and other animals can be called a random heroic.As you know, penguins can not fly, but when they are aiming a monster, learn very quickly!Here are the penguins in their fright and flew away, and the only thing that Bigfoot had.He shoots at live targets, and if it does, the blood flying in all directions.Penguins carries on the pieces and the poor birds can only wet spot.But even if he does not have firearms, he will find a club with spikes, and as soon as naive penguin jumping off a cliff, the Yeti has a maniac like him to ball.From such a strike is one of the birds head, which for a long time jumping on the ice cover the ground, runs into the mines and get new acceleration.This game is not for the faint of heart, as the horror, what a bloody!If you feel sorry for the poor little animals and you are afraid of blood, arm and throw snowballs at skiers.Very fun romp with Bigfoot in the ski resort.At the bottom you will see a red target.As soon as you notice that you are closer to the next skier, "gap" move the sight to him, and when the key is released, the Yeti throws a snow ball.If it hits the target, the man disappears under the snow, and at the top will stick only skiing, himself Yeti will enjoy as a child.You can go down and dig up the mountain skiers.For that you owed bonuses.To climb the rock back, press the arrow "up."But be careful.On the opposite side of the tent lives hunter sensation.As soon as he shows his head out of his house, hide in a cave.To do this, click the arrow "left."That's so fun to spend time Yeti when he gets bored.Yeti games online to play funny and fun.With it, you can go to the Olympic competition in Greece, to go to sunny Australia and run poor penguins in flight on the beach, and the kangaroo will be judges.Shoot a gun, lupite club hurling snowballs - all have to put yourself on the poor penguins.Play games Yeti online at our website, have fun and share the link with friends.Merry hunt you!