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If the chess game is complicated and is perceived by many years of training, and even then - even the most eminent chess players are constantly improved, the game of checkers is much easier.Her family only with chess board in the sixty-four squares - alternating black and white and the ability to start a game with white pieces.In all other pieces are absolutely unique, but at the same time, they have a much clones, establish their historical origin is impossible.Almost all countries have their own versions of checkers games and you probably know names such as: Russian Checkers, International, Armenian, Altaic, Spanish, Brazilian, Turkish, Italian, British, Canadian, and so on.Learn to play classical pieces is a snap.This wisdom comprehend even the kids indulge and enjoy the game with friends or family members.In our modern times, many board games have undergone computerization, and now play checkers online too available.The rules will not change, which allows to adjust to the new process is much faster.Dragged figures in the field, use the mouse to the computer.To do this, activate the necessary chip-click, and then point the cell to which you want to put it.First, all pieces appear in the status of "ordinary".Having started the game play checkers, you can improve their position to the "kings."The player's goal - to beat all the opponent's pieces, or deprive them of their ability to move through the locks.Simple block moves diagonally and makes a move to one cell, if that is not busy.If its path is a sword of the enemy, it should definitely take.To do this, his sword to jump someone else and install it immediately after it on an empty box.Such a course is possible if space to move.If these pieces for taking several, too, will have to beat them even when you do quite profitable.Trajectory usual options or during removal of foreign figures, can be repeatedly changed.During a game of checkers you approach the edge of the board at the opponent.Having reached this line, simple checker becomes a king, and that this status was evident in subsequent movements, it is enough to turn down the top.King gets new features and now its course is not limited to the movement of a single cell.She goes forward or backward to several offices, but only on the diagonal.The need to remove pieces from the board of the enemy is not going away, too, but now, even before it several cell block overcomes them with no problems.The only condition is unbreakable - the need for the free cells at another saber.Sometimes the situation is such that in several ways has the ability to shoot other people's drafts.If all areas of the same amount, you can choose either way.If there is an option where the pieces to remove more, it is necessary to choose it.But in any case, and no matter what your status checker was not, if you can remove the wrong shape, it can not be ignored.Becoming a king in battle, and retaining the ability to beat on, a king should seize it.If the kings she got through the usual moves, but having reached the status, she had the opportunity to hit only at the next turn.Play checkers for free is better than a fee.That's why we offer you the opportunity to play.Rate charms online checkers game, and we have collected only the best options for online play checkers.

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