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Ball and free benefits have always been the most coveted events of the human race.To profit in any way just like that, without making it just as mental or physical effort - is a dream of millions.Some call it a godsend, others fortunate third providence, but as it is not called gratuitous beautiful capital, it will remain free.Where is the money to get on the ball?Ways to do this there are a few - to win at the casino, become sharper, steal, or play the lottery, but only state lottery is the most legitimate way to cast lots, and try your luck.Even in ancient times, people were playing with the fate of the money.Not always a lottery was conducted correctly and bring benefit to players and to those who have undertaken more.Today, the rules prescribed and honed so that even the huge jackpot drawn by the winner, does not affect the income of the state, which is the main organizer of the game.The winning amount is made up of miniscule contributions of all participants, and some of them cover all the costs of organizing the lottery and brings to the treasury of the country small gain, so that no one is at a loss remains.But in addition to cash prizes, the lottery is often played out cars, appliances and trips.Especially popular are the prizes were in the Soviet Union and in the papers published after drawing the winning numbers lottery tickets indicating the award.Many of the most gamblers develop their playbook, constantly changing it after one mistake.They never give up and believe that the next time they will be the lucky ones.As a result, if you add up all the money that was spent on various lotteries, get the amount for which you can live comfortably either one year or buy a home.But there are people who were born in the "shirt."They are considered the lucky ones who are always lucky in any endeavor, and games with lotteries bring them small but frequent gains.The rest have to hope that fortune ever turn his gaze in their direction.If you are not sure about your luck, you can test it by playing games online lottery, they will not have to buy tickets and be afraid to lose.It is in computer games, you can have peace of mind and calculate the percentage of the winning moves with losses.We have arranged a free lottery games online, where you will learn how much to trust fate and worth the risk to the real lotteries.Choosing the "test" for the favor of fortune to your person, please note that we offer a really existing games and fictional.Selecting Keno, Bingo, or other type of game, you can train in a virtual draw and understand the principle of the lottery.Or you can choose a completely abstract version and just enjoy the process.In this case, you will see that the lottery game invented for even the most venturesome young gamers and now they can try their luck in the draw along with Dora.Playing Bingo, it is necessary to mark those items on the card, images of which pulls out Dora from his box.The game is simple, but the learning and the children will be able to quickly understand the situation, performing a task to find similar images.Since the lottery - it's the lot, then you can play in different situations.You can put a winning sports team before the start of the event, or on a horse before racing.You can wager and waiting for resolution of the situation to find out who was the winner.Lottery games offer options such action and an opportunity to play catch-up with success.