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Thimbles - an ancient, gambling, east game account, which involves two people and leading player.The task of leading by three identical thimbles hide one ball.He covers the ball a thimble, and then begins to randomly move and change places.The task of the player is to follow the ball, and to guess at what he's thimble.This game tests your attention and response.However, as a rule, play thimbles that conduct in a matter of landside slums leading Native American prison are not safe.This is a game of chance for money, and, despite the careful player, sleight of hand master, allows him to hide the ball well, and remove it from the thimble.Cheaters in this game, just the vast majority.Therefore we offer to play this wonderful game is not a suspicious person, on the home, the computer monitor on our site.We have all to be honest!You can play online thimbles on many different levels.For beginners, speed very small thimble.With increasing levels of speed increases and thimbles, and a bit more difficult to track movements.In the most complex levels need to be very careful to see under what container eventually ended up a ball.Please remember that if you play this game at the station, the ball is likely to be out of thimbles, and in the hands of a clever tricksters and cheaters.Computer fraud is completely useless.On our site you can play the classic thimbles, thimbles in the casino, as well as funny thimbles, where the role of the ball can perform, for example, gay dog.The graphics in these online games are also performed at a good level.In one flash game, you will play in the sun, sea and sand with an interesting person of Caucasian appearance.In place of the ball can be any gem or ring.The casino version before you guess where the ball is necessary to put a bet on which will depend on the amount of your winnings, if he wins.Special game lovers, there are many other species.For example, in some games thimbles can be more than three.In the classic version of the game, they are just three, because it is ideal to mix them by human hands.But the computer can mix and five, and seven cups at a time.It is true you have to be several times more careful!Successful you games!