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Few people know why people, especially men, most of them are so fond of fighting.Someone who likes to participate in them, from time to time, unleashing fists, others prefer to watch fighters or boxing, others believe that it is better to do something, and more.Fight, albeit with the status of sport, still remain violent people on top of each other.Causing pain and injury to his opponent delivers many purely athletic meet, and some have fun in the process beating.Such people are considered to be not very well, and from the point of view of psychology, they are potential maniacs and sadists.But be that as it may, the martial arts are popular as ever.One of the "mass" of the fight, is wrestling.Millions of people around the world to admire things happening in the ring battles, the show that takes place in front of them, makes one believe in the greatness and power of the sport.And all would be nothing if not for the fact that the fight wrestler, is pre-set show, with rehearsed scenes, and a predetermined winner.In essence, wrestling - the theater.Combat theater, if you will.All roles are handed out in advance, the actions of each participant rehearsed presentation.And it is this fact pushes many fans of martial arts.Yes, they do not like the fact that the winner and loser before they know their fate.That blows inflicted on the enemy to know, and the pain, which in the ring is actually a fake.Naturally, the audience did not know all this, because otherwise they would simply not there.But, nevertheless, the feeling affectedness does not leave us when watching these fights.But let's look at it from the other side.Let's try not to take a wrestling bout, but we will watch it like a movie or presentation in the theater, where all participants know their roles, too, but, nevertheless, does not leave the viewer interest to the reader, and the performance does not lose the plot.It's not so bad, if you look.There are in fact people who are interested to watch fights in the ring, but they were sickened by the doers of violence there.And when watching wrestling, they know they all like "make-believe", and being struck on the face with great force - are safe.That such people our site offers to play games wrestling wwe.Play wwe wrestling on our website is absolutely free.Wrestling games allow you to become a participant in this combat theater, and get a lot of fun playing in the wwe games.Wrestling game will give you an unforgettable experience of fighting in which you are the only winner.Try playing games wwe, and maybe your relationship to wrestling change dramatically.