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Hooks dart camp
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Game Darts online
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Speaking of darts, just an association with the Wild West, cowboys, gunfights and bars, where the hanging wall, be sure the game.This is eloquent testimony to the fact that darts (from angliskogo darts), very old.It originated centuries ago in the British Isles.It is assumed that its appearance should thank the soldiers, who amused himself hurled into the trunk of a tree or a short barrel boom.Some contact with dry wood led to the fact that it cracks, the sides diverging rays, like the familiar sectors.And in 1896, a carpenter from Lancashire - B.Hamlin came up with the layout familiar to us today, but in many countries for a long time been used for other schemes.The most popular game of darts has in Scandinavia, UK, USA, Netherlands, and other countries have expressed interest in him.Darts to constant changes in the appearance and rules.Today, the accepted common standards, which gives flexibility and allows the game to play it the same everywhere.As before, the darts is the hallmark of all traditional pubs, but today he went beyond them and it is possible to play even at home, and even created a computer darts game online.Like the original, players throw darts at a circular target, which is located on the wall.Each hit in one of the sectors that brings a certain amount of points.Accurate run in "apple" guarantees fifty points, and the green box around it - twenty-five.Thin outer ring doubles all of the sector, well, internal - tripling them.If thrown dart is not kept on the field or falls beyond a thin outer ring, it does not bring any points.The outer ring and the inner thin, often, process, red and green, which was the standard.Starting the game, each participant has three attempts, then take over the baton to the next player.All PC versions of the game of darts are made in different ways and you can choose the closest to reality version or have fun in the games with another idea of ​​the process.In any case, one goal - to make a more successful hits and score points for your virtual account.Choose difficulty levels and compete in accuracy with computer opponents, claiming the right of the winner for the title.Play darts online as well fascinating and excitedly, as in this game.You can adjust the strength of its cast and the slope by using a computer mouse.For more realism, select the version games for money and compete with other players.Make virtual bets and do not forget about the rules.A little bit can make a row and pin the "apple" picture of his assailant and take aim at her.Perhaps this will help you to let off steam and to stop being angry.There is a similar version, but not attached to the target image, and tied himself the culprit, and the target is moving, rotating around its axis.Here it themselves choose - do you want to get in-bound, or vice versa - to avoid injury.This focus can be seen in the circus or fairground attractions, where to throw darts trying to hit the target, but it does not hurt the person on it.And to complicate the task, the magician strikes up his eyes bandaged.A similar version of the game of darts is present among the proposed options for you online.You will get a man - will be a sea of ​​blood, so consider: where you want to go?Even such a simple game can act as options.Choose your version and have fun!