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Games of racing created particularly large.You can drive on a special motor racing track in cars, or choose a version with a cross-country race.Compete in speed on city streets in a taxi, ambulance, fire engine or steal other people's vehicles and evade pursuit.Bicycle and motorcycle racing continues to develop the theme of racing.Even tractors, tanks, trucks and other supermarket, not intended for racing facilities compete with each other on different tracks.But this column is dedicated to the most classic version of events - the Formula 1.This is the most sensitive to the management of transport, which can be represented.Plausible simulations provide the opportunity to experience the full range of such control and understand how difficult it is to stay on the track at such high speed, which is the way car.In the video game series "Formula 1" is especially designed precisely all the key moments and minor, and the player will see a complete simulation of the car on the track.Games Formula 1 will not be left without attention from fans of the genre of racing.This is not a new idea, but much improved, making it different from the its first version.It is now possible to see everything that happens to the pilot's seat, to feel all the vibrations and drifts the car, and stop at the pit stop - this is one more thing that makes the game believable.The developers have worked fine on the introduction of special effects and even now you can feel traction tires with the track and wear.You will feel when the tire surface has worn off and the car was skidding, especially in the corners.The difference between hard and softer tires also felt and will be affected during the passage of the track.Games Formula 1 are controlled by the judges, and you see them on the evaluation board.The fans will support you from the stands, which beneficially affect your mood during the race.Before you check in you can choose the track and the car, and during the race on the mini screen to see the traversed path and the one that lies ahead.This will help to orient during the approach of the turn.Except you participate in races and other machines that are interested in winning as much as you.They always try to squeeze you to the edge and push the track.Developing speed, do not forget about these "disturbances" and try to avoid close contact with them.But it is not necessary to repeat the maneuvers, since computer bots penalties are not provided, but your behavior will not go unnoticed.To add even more realism, developers do not forget to include a time as random faults in car during the race.The machine is not shattered into pieces, time to fold the pit stop and fix the problem.This also includes the need for periodic refueling engine.Formula 1 games online for free gives an opportunity to all lovers and fans of the games this area feel a real drive on high speeds.Realistic tracks and races held in life, recreated in minute detail.You will feel the atmosphere of racing in the night and appreciate the beauty of the evening landscape with the setting sun.As one of the teams in Formula 1, you can create your dream car, train before the main competition and pump your car until he poka stanet perfect.Also, you will be able to act on behalf of one of the famous racers and a new record.Formula 1 game opens up new horizons for a long time familiar pastimes on the racing theme.

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