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Game Stone Age Skater online
Stone Age Skater
Game Sewer Skater online
Sewer Skater
Game Crazy Squirrel online
Crazy Squirrel
Game Munch N Grind online
Munch N Grind
Game Scooby Doo Skate Race online
Scooby Doo Skate Race
Game Kick Flip online
Kick Flip
Game Street Skater Project Long Beach online
Street Skater Project Long Beach
Game Crazy Skateboard Girl online
Crazy Skateboard Girl
Game Spongebob Skater online
Spongebob Skater
Game Skater Math online
Skater Math
Game allstar skate park online
allstar skate park
Game Boardn online
Game Skate Park Kissing online
Skate Park Kissing
Game Skater Chic online
Skater Chic
Game Ben 10 skate champ online
Ben 10 skate champ
Game Skate Dog online
Skate Dog
Game Skater Math online
Skater Math
Game Maximal Skateboard online
Maximal Skateboard
Game Pogo Panic online
Pogo Panic
Game Ben 10 Highway Skateboarding online
Ben 10 Highway Skateboarding
Game Glam Skate Girl online
Glam Skate Girl
Game Skate Noel Noel online
Skate Noel Noel
Game On Street Boarding online
On Street Boarding
Game Skate Boy Dress Up online
Skate Boy Dress Up
Game Skate online
Game Scooby Doo Big Air online
Scooby Doo Big Air
Game Sonic on the skateboard online
Sonic on the skateboard
Game Spongebob Skateboard online
Spongebob Skateboard
Game Skateboard City online
Skateboard City
Game Power Rangers Skateboard online
Power Rangers Skateboard
Game Skate Mania online
Skate Mania
Game Prehistoric Skater online
Prehistoric Skater
Game Skateboarding Santa online
Skateboarding Santa
Game Sonic Skating online
Sonic Skating
Game Power Rangers Skateboard Big Air online
Power Rangers Skateboard Big Air
Game Lisa On Snowboard online
Lisa On Snowboard
Game Skate Trashin online
Skate Trashin
Game Skate Horses online
Skate Horses
Game Pixel City Skater online
Pixel City Skater
Game Skater Schoolgirl online
Skater Schoolgirl
Game Skater Mania online
Skater Mania
Game Xtreme Skateboarding online
Xtreme Skateboarding
Game Alien Skate online
Alien Skate
Game Skate Boy online
Skate Boy
Game Mario Skateboard online
Mario Skateboard
Game Ben 10 Skateboard online
Ben 10 Skateboard
Game Skate Boy online
Skate Boy
Game Extreme skateboard online
Extreme skateboard
Game Tony Hawk: ZERO-G!! online
Tony Hawk: ZERO-G!!
Game Croche skateboarding Dangerous Race online
Croche skateboarding Dangerous Race
Game The Impossible Skate Island online
The Impossible Skate Island
Game Skateboarder online
Game Skateboarding Santa online
Skateboarding Santa
Game Crazy Skateboard online
Crazy Skateboard
Game Niwit Slide online
Niwit Slide
Game Sewer skater online
Sewer skater
Game Bart on skate online
Bart on skate
Game SkateBoard_Race online
Game Mario Boarding online
Mario Boarding
Game Big Air 2 Curse of the Halfpipe online
Big Air 2 Curse of the Halfpipe
Game Bart Boarding 2 online
Bart Boarding 2
Game Madness Skateboard Challenge online
Madness Skateboard Challenge
Game Tube Racer online
Tube Racer
Game Bear Skateboarder online
Bear Skateboarder
Game Madpet Half-Pipe online
Madpet Half-Pipe
Game Skateboard City 2 online
Skateboard City 2
Game Ben - 10 skateboarding online
Ben - 10 skateboarding
Game Skate park online
Skate park
Game Stone Age Skater 2 online
Stone Age Skater 2
Game Skate mania online
Skate mania
Game Bord'n online
Game Stan Skates online
Stan Skates
Game Dora Skateboarding online
Dora Skateboarding
Game Ben10 Skate Champ online
Ben10 Skate Champ
Game Bear - skateboarder online
Bear - skateboarder
Game Michael Jackson skater online
Michael Jackson skater
Game Wigman Big Run online
Wigman Big Run
Game Crash board online
Crash board
Game Maximum Skateboard online
Maximum Skateboard
Game Gus Vs. Bus 2: L8R SK8R online
Gus Vs. Bus 2: L8R SK8R
Game Hungry Mouse Skateboard online
Hungry Mouse Skateboard
Game Sonic Skateboard online
Sonic Skateboard
Game Sponge Bob skatebaord online
Sponge Bob skatebaord
Game Skateboard City online
Skateboard City
Game Rooftop Skater online
Rooftop Skater
Game Crazy Bear online
Crazy Bear
Game American Dragon: All Star Skate Park online
American Dragon: All Star Skate Park
Game Power Rangers Skateboard online
Power Rangers Skateboard
Game Mario smart skater online
Mario smart skater
Game Xtream Skate online
Xtream Skate
Game Stan Skates online
Stan Skates
Game Trick Master online
Trick Master
Game Skating Down Shit Street online
Skating Down Shit Street
Game Jump-N-Grind Remix online
Jump-N-Grind Remix
Game Xmax boarding online
Xmax boarding
Game Skate Jam online
Skate Jam
Game Skateboard Girl online
Skateboard Girl
Game Stuarts Xtreme skateboarding online
Stuarts Xtreme skateboarding
Game Street skateboarder online
Street skateboarder
Game 6 teen Skate Challenge online
6 teen Skate Challenge
Game Rambo Wild West online
Rambo Wild West
Game Rocket board online
Rocket board
Game Skater Math online
Skater Math
Game Johnny Test - Street Skate Race online
Johnny Test - Street Skate Race
Game Skatelander online
Game Gorilla Jungle Ride online
Gorilla Jungle Ride
Game Escape from Homer online
Escape from Homer
Game Simpson adventure online
Simpson adventure
Game Stunt Skateboard 3D online
Stunt Skateboard 3D
Game Regular Show: Mordecai on a skateboard online
Regular Show: Mordecai on a skateboard
Game Kik Buttowski Linerider online
Kik Buttowski Linerider
Game Hoverboard world tour online
Hoverboard world tour
Game Jake and the Never Land Pirates Sand pirates online
Jake and the Never Land Pirates Sand pirates
Game Amazing world Gumball center park online
Amazing world Gumball center park
Game Champions of the chill online
Champions of the chill
Game Bart Simpson skateboard online
Bart Simpson skateboard
Game Backlot road race online
Backlot road race
Game Goofy on a skateboard online
Goofy on a skateboard
Game Garfield parkour online
Garfield parkour
Game Foster Jump-n-grind online
Foster Jump-n-grind
Game Powerrangers Skateboard online
Powerrangers Skateboard
Game Diego School Bus online
Diego School Bus
Game GumBall Center Park online
GumBall Center Park
Game Adventure Time : Son Of Mars online
Adventure Time : Son Of Mars
Game Mario Skate Ride online
Mario Skate Ride
Game Mario Skate Ride 2 online
Mario Skate Ride 2
Game Skateboarding  online
Game Rocket Skateboard online
Rocket Skateboard
Game Skate er Guy online
Skate er Guy
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Today racing skateboards, or skateboarding, is not only a popular extreme sport, but also a separate area in the urban subcultures, full life.It is not surprising that the games race on skateboards are very popular.Skateboards first appeared in the U.S. in the late 40's - early 50's of the last century.At the time, was already quite popular this kind of extreme sports such as surfing.In order not to lose fitness at a time when there were no waves, Californian surfers invented an original type of training.They fasten the boards or boxes wheels and practiced balancing on these strange devices.Later boxes were replaced by boards of pressed layers of wood.Thus appeared the first skateboards.Confluence of the popularity of skateboarding is now increasing, fell.Along the way there were some species and the direction of this extreme sport.Skateboarding experienced a rebirth in the 1990s, when the general interest in extreme sports has increased.It is not the first decade of skateboarding is a distinct subculture with its own particular style of dress and music.It is not surprising that skateboarders have become heroes of many films and games.With regard to the latter, in the development of simulators even skateboarding was a remarkable event - the appearance of a game controller in the form of boards for skateboarding.Simultaneously, production and arcade games on skating.A wide variety of racing games on skateboards are present on our website.They can be divided into several groups.Some of the skateboard flash games focused on implementation of special tricks on ramps and skate parks closed.In these games, the main goal is to win the race by making the maximum amount of points awarded for doing tricks.So it is important how to quick acceleration and jump as high as possible, performing a dizzying somersault.Do not also forget about the successful landing, because otherwise the trick will not include.Another kind of racing on skateboards are races in an urban environment.Typically, the goal of these games is to pass difficult levels over time or a victory over rivals in an internal struggle.Interestingly, many flash games on skateboards we can see and manage the famous movie characters, cartoons and comic books and fairy tales.Besides playing different different levels of complexity, so do not be hard to find yourself the best option.Fans just relax races and professionals do not feel deprived.