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Sudoku game (sudoku) has the form of a square with numbers and inscribed within a numerical puzzle.If translated from Japanese, the "Sudoku" will sound as a "stand alone figure."You may be aware is such a title as the "Magic Square".It is so often called the game, although this is not true.Would be correct to call the game "Latin square".This fun mathematician Leonhard Euler invented in the XVIII century.But in the seventies of the last century in America invented the numerical puzzles, which formed the basis "Latin square".In 1979, were published in the journal Sudoku «Dell Puzzle Magazine» and the game quickly found its admirers.We are with you, too, can often see these squares in newspapers, magazines or on a separate page in the special collections devoted to the theme of crossword puzzles.Fans of puzzles and logic problems unraveling their enthusiasm for hours.Since the time of the development of computer games, all known problems on logic computerized, and now you can play free online sudoku.No need to waste paper stash house, hammering newspapers and magazines in closets.No need to sharpen pencils and rubber sweep the crumbs on the floor.Now you can play Sudoku civilized.You will know your favorite game appearance.9x9 square contains other smaller squares - 3x3 cells.In general, leaves a 81-cell in one big square.Some cells are the numbers from one to nine, and serve as a guide to calculate and fill in the blank cells.The goal - to fill all vacant squares 3x3 cell numbers so that they do not recur.Sudoku play online for hours or within a few minutes.It all depends on the complexity of the game and the initial placement of numbers.You can play everywhere, and the trip will be reduced by half if the hand is monitor and bookmark our site with games puzzles.Distracted from work, you do not drop out of the work attitude, because solving a mathematical square causes your brain to continue to work.This unique vacation while working can raise your level of logical thinking and the ability to count in your mind even higher.Thus, you can play Sudoku online and at the same time develop their intellectual abilities.Ability to think analytically is always useful in life.Particularly useful skill it will be for children as help with the solution of mathematical problems and learn to quickly read.There is a school issue, "mathematic", which presents interesting cases proofs of theorems, examples and exercises on logic.Sudoku can be easily attributed to this section.Before you start playing Sudoku online, determine for themselves the level of difficulty you want to conquer.In the most severe cases, the little square filled cells, and to solve this puzzle will last much longer.If you are not yet ready for such feats, do not worry, if you choose a simple level and gradually move forward, your way through the levels: "normal", "difficult", "very hard" and "professional."To become a master, you must go all the way the student, because it is natural, if you go to the simple version.But, when you comprehend the nature of the game, everything will fall in places and you will be much more easier.You can play Sudoku for pleasure slowly.But you can take the challenge and compete with other players on time for the championship.We will find a large selection of games and puzzles you, playing, to improve their capacity.

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