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The peoples of the East many unusual for us Europeans traditions.They have a unique religion, movies, sports.They attract the attention of the eccentricity, not trying to imitate someone.But other countries have been borrowing ideas from them, trying to diversify his life with something new.Such a phenomenon is and sumo wrestling - the kind of Japanese martial arts, which takes place on a round the ring between the two wrestlers.Its essence lies in pushing strong fighter weaker opponent outside the circle.Sumo is an ancient sport, as well as in Japan honor the traditions, then the game is carried out in compliance with the ceremony.More texts VIII century carry the mention of sumo, calling him Suman.In religion, sumo is associated with Shinto ritual, and in some monasteries of the images of human encounter with the divine.Also, this struggle has played a significant role and for military training, teaching soldiers to stay on their feet in battle.But, as with any kind of struggle, sumo also divided into subspecies: the temple, court, street, popular, areal, natural or when the citizens of the city to match themselves just on the square.Rules have evolved over time and finally established in the years 794-1185 during the Heian period.The new requirements prohibit beat each other over the head, kicked and dragged by the hair.Imitating other eastern sports, sumo has gone beyond his homeland and went to conquer new horizons.But, despite the appearance of sumo in other countries, Japan has retained the right to professional sport.Sumo as other nations are in the niche of amateur sumo.Modern professional sumo into a mix of martial arts, shows, national traditions and business.All that is of interest, certainly reflected in the movies, comic books and computer games.But if you take the game online sumo, these developments are more like a mockery of the traditional Japanese wrestling.Sumo look stressed fed and move unnaturally.They are often just jump and fly like balloons or roll around the ring.The action is also very fast and should be included in the process instantly.Once pressed start, move to a robust fellow opponent and try to push him to the line of the circle.If your opponent does it to you - you lose.This happens so quickly that only have time to understand the fact of loss.In another game wrestlers, loser starts to behave like a child deprived of a favorite toy or candy.Should he end up outside the ring, start the tears and snot.To further exacerbate the association, such sumo dressed in diapers, which resemble traditional attire fighters - a broad, dark ribbon that wraps the body of an athlete on a naked and goes between his legs, and the end is attached to the back of the special unit.This zone is called "mawashi" and if it is unwound during the fight, this fighter is waiting for disqualification.As with all National, the Japanese think much of this kind of fighting.But games like sumo and conspired to undermine the authority of the fight, breaking the rules of procedure.In some games, you will find unexpected variants and even sumo, combined with shooting a slingshot and football.Sumo instead volanchika start flying through the field with a slingshot, pulling on his belt instead of gum, and he should get into the soccer goal.These are not serious interpretation of sumo of a serious form of Japanese sports!