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Game Sniper online
Game Survive Crisis online
Survive Crisis
Game Head Hunter 2 online
Head Hunter 2
Game Shadow Agent online
Shadow Agent
Game Elite Sniper 2 online
Elite Sniper 2
Game Invisible Hero online
Invisible Hero
Game Tactical Assassin 3 online
Tactical Assassin 3
Game Ghost Sniper Haok 4 online
Ghost Sniper Haok 4
Game Rabbit Sniper online
Rabbit Sniper
Game Harbor Sniper online
Harbor Sniper
Game Sniper 5 online
Sniper 5
Game Stickshot 2 online
Stickshot 2
Game Pro Sniper online
Pro Sniper
Game Agent B10 3 online
Agent B10 3
Game Counter Snipe online
Counter Snipe
Game Agent B10 online
Agent B10
Game Fast Sniper 2 online
Fast Sniper 2
Game Snipedown online
Game Rabbit Sniper 3 online
Rabbit Sniper 3
Game 3D Sniper online
3D Sniper
Game D Sniper online
D Sniper
Game Arsenal online
Game Sniper Operation online
Sniper Operation
Game Mort the Sniper online
Mort the Sniper
Game Scope Assault online
Scope Assault
Game Prison Sniper online
Prison Sniper
Game Sniper: Year Two online
Sniper: Year Two
Game Fast Sniper online
Fast Sniper
Game Sniper Hostile Territory online
Sniper Hostile Territory
Game Hot Shot Sniper online
Hot Shot Sniper
Game Sniper Dude online
Sniper Dude
Game Sneaky Sniper 2 online
Sneaky Sniper 2
Game Shoot' Em Up Hidden Foes online
Shoot' Em Up Hidden Foes
Game The Rambo Bros online
The Rambo Bros
Game The Silent Assassin online
The Silent Assassin
Game Booger Sniper online
Booger Sniper
Game Sniper Freedom online
Sniper Freedom
Game Sector A online
Sector A
Game Sniper Tournament online
Sniper Tournament
Game Carlo's Revenge: The death of a Mafia Boss online
Carlo's Revenge: The death of a Mafia Boss
Game Marksmen Hunter online
Marksmen Hunter
Game City Sniper online
City Sniper
Game Sniper Global Mercenary online
Sniper Global Mercenary
Game Sniper Hero 2 online
Sniper Hero 2
Game Sniper on High online
Sniper on High
Game Snipers online
Game The Death of a Warlord online
The Death of a Warlord
Game S.W.A.T. 2 Tactical Sniper online
S.W.A.T. 2 Tactical Sniper
Game Police Sniper online
Police Sniper
Game Urban Sniper 2 online
Urban Sniper 2
Game Devil on Target online
Devil on Target
Game Bloodshot online
Game HeadShot online
Game Fulltime Killer online
Fulltime Killer
Game Head Hunter 3 online
Head Hunter 3
Game Clear Vision 2 online
Clear Vision 2
Game Sniper Hunter 6 online
Sniper Hunter 6
Game Sniper Scope online
Sniper Scope
Game Sniper Mario online
Sniper Mario
Game Sniper: Year One online
Sniper: Year One
Game Clear Vision online
Clear Vision
Game Heavenly Sniper online
Heavenly Sniper
Game The Strangers 2 online
The Strangers 2
Game Fox Hunting online
Fox Hunting
Game Highway Pursuit online
Highway Pursuit
Game Agent B10 2 online
Agent B10 2
Game URBAN SNIPER online
Game S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper online
S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper
Game The Sniper online
The Sniper
Game Sniper Operation 2 online
Sniper Operation 2
Game Professional Sniper online
Professional Sniper
Game Nasty Sniper online
Nasty Sniper
Game Terrorist Band 2 online
Terrorist Band 2
Game Click Fest 3 online
Click Fest 3
Game The Urban Sniper: Vengeance online
The Urban Sniper: Vengeance
Game Sniper Assassin 3 online
Sniper Assassin 3
Game Fast Finger online
Fast Finger
Game Unbelievable Sniper online
Unbelievable Sniper
Game Mr and Ms Smith online
Mr and Ms Smith
Game Sneaky Sniper 3 online
Sneaky Sniper 3
Game Universal Sniper online
Universal Sniper
Game Shoot The Aliens online
Shoot The Aliens
Game Police sniper - 2 online
Police sniper - 2
Game Secret Animal Agent online
Secret Animal Agent
Game Stoneage Assassin - Revenge online
Stoneage Assassin - Revenge
Game Urban Sniper online
Urban Sniper
Game Virtual cop online
Virtual cop
Game Professional Sniper 2 online
Professional Sniper 2
Game Sniper Hunter 3 online
Sniper Hunter 3
Game The Sniper online
The Sniper
Game Anaksha - Female Assassin online
Anaksha - Female Assassin
Game The_gunman_sniper online
Game Sniper Seal Team Six online
Sniper Seal Team Six
Game Sniper Hunter online
Sniper Hunter
Game sniper online
Game Lock N Load online
Lock N Load
Game Sniper Hunter 5 online
Sniper Hunter 5
Game Sniper: Demonic Osbournres online
Sniper: Demonic Osbournres
Game Spidergun online
Game Sniper Assassin 2 online
Sniper Assassin 2
Game Sniper Hunter 2 online
Sniper Hunter 2
Game City Siege Sniper online
City Siege Sniper
Game Sniper Embassy Mission online
Sniper Embassy Mission
Game Hit Squad online
Hit Squad
Game Rshot V 4 online
Rshot V 4
Game The saviour Noah online
The saviour Noah
Game Tactical  online
Game Point Resistance online
Point Resistance
Game Sniper Team online
Sniper Team
Game Barrett Sniper Rifle online
Barrett Sniper Rifle
Game Slash ghost online
Slash ghost
Game Brave Soldier online
Brave Soldier
Game Sniper Assassin 4 online
Sniper Assassin 4
Game Sniper school online
Sniper school
Game Anaksha Female Assassin online
Anaksha Female Assassin
Game Phantom Sniper Demo Ch.1 online
Phantom Sniper Demo Ch.1
Game Clear Vision Elites online
Clear Vision Elites
Game Sniper operation - 2 online
Sniper operation - 2
Game Shoot Green Piggy online
Shoot Green Piggy
Game Unbelievable Sniper online
Unbelievable Sniper
Game One Man Army online
One Man Army
Game Colorful Chameleon Sniper online
Colorful Chameleon Sniper
Game Darts online
Game 3D Sniper online
3D Sniper
Game Space Missile Defense online
Space Missile Defense
Game Philadelphia CTU online
Philadelphia CTU
Game Special Ops online
Special Ops
Game Sniper Wars online
Sniper Wars
Game Sniper Assassin 5: Final Mission online
Sniper Assassin 5: Final Mission
Game Biochemical X Men online
Biochemical X Men
Game Counter Strike Sniper online
Counter Strike Sniper
Game Raft Wars 2 online
Raft Wars 2
Game Joe the Sniper online
Joe the Sniper
Game Commando Attack Defence online
Commando Attack Defence
Game Police Sniper online
Police Sniper
Game Shooting yard - 4 online
Shooting yard - 4
Game Sniper Assassin 2 online
Sniper Assassin 2
Game Street Killer online
Street Killer
Game MORT the Sniper 2 online
MORT the Sniper 2
Game Super Cowboy online
Super Cowboy
Game Christmas Shooting online
Christmas Shooting
Game Police Sniper 2 online
Police Sniper 2
Game Super Zombie Hunter online
Super Zombie Hunter
Game Urban assassin online
Urban assassin
Game The Heroic Sniper online
The Heroic Sniper
Game Savanna Hunting online
Savanna Hunting
Game Counter - Snipe online
Counter - Snipe
Game Super Pitcher online
Super Pitcher
Game The Nerds online
The Nerds
Game Urban Sniper 4 online
Urban Sniper 4
Game The jet pack escaper caper online
The jet pack escaper caper
Game Prison Sniper online
Prison Sniper
Game Lock N Load online
Lock N Load
Game Safari Animals Search online
Safari Animals Search
Game Ray Part 2 online
Ray Part 2
Game Super Sniper 2 online
Super Sniper 2
Game Operation Nicaragua online
Operation Nicaragua
Game Hired Gun 2 online
Hired Gun 2
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It is difficult to say why, but the games in the genre of shooters always very popular.And even if a person in real life, quite peaceful, then in the virtual space, it can have an irresistible craving enough to shoot.As with any form of human activity, some of the things you can do is not only efficient, but also beautiful.These two qualities combine online sniper shooting game.Many books and films, the image works sniper was presented from different angles.They can be good and bad, good and bad, but they did not take, it's skill.Usually portrayed professional sniper, a formidable opponent on the battlefield.Therefore, in games this image was very popular.Many online games sniper offer us feel in the shoes of the label on a field hand.While in a combat group, sniper, usually put the most delicate task.For example, you need to clean up the territory of the enemy before the main body.In this case it is necessary to quickly and quietly remove the soldiers in the towers, with the guns and the likeetc.During the active phase of the operation as a sniper is not without cause.Constantly having to cover their comrades from all incoming enemy forces.Of course, a sniper in demand not only on the battlefield, but also in civilian life, where, as you know, is also a feat.In the role of a variety of special forces officer we have to participate in the resolution of difficult situations.For example, in the case of hostage taking.During these missions, we will initially explore the whole level, to know where the terrorists.After this it is necessary to think carefully about the order in which to eliminate bandits.As a result, our mission can take several minutes, of which the shooting will be given a couple of seconds.Indeed, in this case be delayed.He who hesitates is lost, and when we have to protect an important person from the attempt.On such assignments position assassin will not be known and we have to work hard to find the culprit in one of the hundreds of windows or on one of the ten roofs.Of course, some games we have to win back the opposite role - the role of the bad guy, the role of an assassin.In this case, we have one or more goals.Therefore, before each mission, you should be familiar with the briefing.Having seen in the telescope desired goal, you need to choose the right moment to make a single shot and escape before the arrival of the police or security.If successful, expects solid reward.After sniper must be discreet, accurate and very fast when it comes to changing the position or withdrawal in a safe place.