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Two elements, fire and water can not come into contact with each other, but it turns out they can be good friends and work together during the passage of various levels of the game "Fire and Water".In this computer-fire fun - a boy, and water - a girl.To control the fire, use the arrows on your keyboard.Control the character of water, you can use the buttons «WASD».The best option - to play this toy together, so that each control one of the elements.But if you have the skills of conscious control of the left and right hand, you can play by yourself.In each round of the game need to hold characters to the exit door.They are indicated by different colors: blue for water and red for fire.The level is won if both characters will be at the door at the same time.It must be remembered that the fire in contact with water off and the water touching the fiery heat evaporates.And so the girl-water should be avoided flames, and the boy-fire must jump through the water pools.In the game you need to collect treasures.They, too, are divided by color - blue jewelry can take only water available only red fire.In the games of the fire and the water is often necessary to solve logic problems.For example, by pressing the buttons to open doors and to think with their moves so that the water helped the fire, and the fire helped water.Only joint efforts can be successful in this exciting game.In the passing game, and the fire water 4 to help two verses out of the ice castle.Here they both can not jump on the ice and the fire could take place on the water, it can be frozen.Fire and water can be played online and in special ways.For example, fire and water are a boy and a girl panda, or the elements are similar to cats twins.There is also a game in which the role of fire and water, performing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck or Sonic hedgehog with his girlfriend.The game is fire and water are two in a light temple and to get out of it you must carefully control the flow of light, adjust its mirrors and special levers.So open up different moves, and the opportunity to lead the way to the exit door.For game three fire and water elements are immersed in the forest temple, where all the overgrown plants, and to get to the exit, you need to push the special stone slabs.As in the series, Fire performs actions with objects, marked in red, and the water that marked blue.In the forest temple pools with green liquid - it is lethal to both elements.In this section of the site you can find different versions of the mega popular game "Fire and Water".Invite your friend to your computer, it is reasonable, consider whether their actions and then there will be no obstacles that you can not overcome.

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