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You said something about the name "Teken" or "Mortal Kombat"?Yes, this is the most famous faytingovye (fight) game the late nineties - the beginning of the two thousandth, with these games is related childhood of many young players today, long chat with friends in the struggle for what would have 5 minutes to play with friends and see who is stronger without the use of force is not leaving home.Famous phrases like "Fatality" or "brutaliti" were taken from these games.Similar games have had their peak of development in the eighties, after slowly began to fade, all switched to a new type of game: Action Games, which could no longer unlock the potential of computers at the time.But all immortal, still alive the memory of it all started with the "Dandy" or as it was fashionable "vosmibitki" then seized the baton «Sega» and «Sony», and now, the legendary line of games over both for personal computers and advanced gaming console, and got a second wind with fantastic graphics and more exciting fights.Fighting games for two people are available to all and everyone who has a computer and the Internet.All existing games, got a new incarnation in modern graphics, with an even more twisted and feints are the best models of the characters.But now, they have moved to a new level and developed with greater activity, new methods, improved drawing all the action.Even with these innovations, will not go away is the most favorite feature of all gamers: the opportunity to play together, but not on the network, and sitting next to his opponent who Compatibility best friend.Modern faytingovye games on computers have a feature connect gamepad (joystick), which makes a compelling effect of nostalgia.After many improvements to the game for two fights were more interesting, made unprecedented realism in the street fighting, graphically the game got a nice boost in development, but the main thrust of fights, as a demonstration of power and superiority, remained.Each character has its own characteristics, so you can find the soul of the hero, the game will appeal to those who do not like to roam the map to find the exit, where the entire territory is limited to the arena with a rival, at least - more than two enemies.Gameplay features that do not necessarily go through the whole game, and in participating in the battles against opponents of varying complexity, this is a great solution if you want to play some game company in the same computer.You can play at a time, or by other rules.In general, this genre hears special attention, and the right to a second chance.

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