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We know that in today's world of high technology, you can relax and get a lot of emotions and impressions from their computer.In many ways, this situation has arisen because the site was created with flash games, where everyone can find exactly what they like.For example, if you do not like racing, fighting, and strelyaki, games 3 in a row online, most likely, perfectly brighten up your leisure.In it you will need to move the pieces on the playing field and make chains of three elements.To perform this task, it is necessary to include all of your logic on how to level.At the beginning of the game online 3 in a row you have a bank, which poured colored balls.In some embodiments, such a game it can be and stars, and faces, and squares.Necessary to mix them so that monochrome figures stood in a row.Fishechki these can be removed not only in straight lines, but diagonally.Once you have completed the task, the chips were gone, glasses come at your expense, in their place come new pieces of random colors.If you have managed to create a combination of more than three pieces, you will gain more bonus points.Once you reach a certain number of points, you can move to a higher level of play.These games have not only a fascinating logical problems that are fun to solve, but a colorful design that nice to look at.By the way, each new level in the game can be different new design, and a number of some of the new features that were not available at the first level.There are several different types of the game.The best of them are available on our website.You will be able to choose a game that will get you to like it more than the others.Even if you get bored of this game, there are thousands of others, in which you can play.In addition, the number of games is constantly growing.Different interpretations and simplicity of these games allow you to diversify your spare time and play different versions of games.Among other things, to let you know that this game is a logical category, and develop your intellect.Thus, these games are not only fun and interesting, but also very useful, developing your attentiveness and intelligence.See, in today's world without a developed intellect is very difficult, and almost impossible to achieve something worthwhile.That is why even in my spare time is to train your mind, and this game will help you with that!

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