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Game Puzzle Bonsai: Numbers online
Puzzle Bonsai: Numbers
Game Fei Long Soundboard online
Fei Long Soundboard
Game The world ends in hotdog online
The world ends in hotdog
Game Mochi stacker online
Mochi stacker
Game First aid: fire rescue online
First aid: fire rescue
Game Retro tetris online
Retro tetris
Game Stunt dive online
Stunt dive
Game Eclipse online
Game Brain chemistry online
Brain chemistry
Game Garden trim online
Garden trim
Game Make a plush Turkey toy online
Make a plush Turkey toy
Game Mechanics online
Game Heavy equipment race online
Heavy equipment race
Game Lava car escape online
Lava car escape
Game Recess hide-and-seek online
Recess hide-and-seek
Game With flags  online
With flags

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Game Big evil robots online
Big evil robots
Game Tankmen Battle 3 online
Tankmen Battle 3
Game Bart Factory Truck online
Bart Factory Truck
Game Heart surgery online
Heart surgery
Game Robo Gravity online
Robo Gravity
Game Arm surgery online
Arm surgery
Game agame beastbash online
agame beastbash
Game Robots vs Zombies online
Robots vs Zombies
Game Robot Attack online
Robot Attack
Game 3000 AD online
3000 AD
Game Bakugan training battle online
Bakugan training battle
Game Wii: Living till dawn online
Wii: Living till dawn
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Jelly venture
Game Defending Paradise online
Defending Paradise
Game Turbo taxi online
Turbo taxi
Game Illegal drive online
Illegal drive
Game Kill the boss online
Kill the boss
Game Penalty shoot online
Penalty shoot
Game Good morning, zombies online
Good morning, zombies
Game Soul arms online
Soul arms
Game Friends of Sponge Bob online
Friends of Sponge Bob
Game Finger vs Axes online
Finger vs Axes
Game Grow cube online
Grow cube
Game Brain chemistry online
Brain chemistry
Game Recess hide-and-seek online
Recess hide-and-seek
Game Frozen Elsa belly pain online
Frozen Elsa belly pain
Game Children's plane online
Children's plane
Game Wonder slots online
Wonder slots
Game Zoe - eye doctor online
Zoe - eye doctor
Game New soccer star online
New soccer star
Game Chain connect online
Chain connect
Game Swimwear store online
Swimwear store
Game Record tripping online
Record tripping
Game Rocket walrus online
Rocket walrus
Game Crazy crossing online
Crazy crossing
Game Pico of the dark Ages online
Pico of the dark Ages
Game Hello Kitty laundry day online
Hello Kitty laundry day
Game Only one world online
Only one world
Game Pizza tangle online
Pizza tangle
Game Pieces of glass online
Pieces of glass
Game Wheel of Fortune online
Wheel of Fortune
Game Hunt for fly online
Hunt for fly
Game Star doctor online
Star doctor
Game Pimp My Phone online
Pimp My Phone
Game Incursion - 2: The artifact online
Incursion - 2: The artifact
Game Your classrooms online
Your classrooms
Game Mine Warfare online
Mine Warfare
Game Workout online
Game What is the number? online
What is the number?
Game Cubikill - 6 online
Cubikill - 6
Game Carrom king online
Carrom king
Game Phlash mob online
Phlash mob
Game Eclipse online
Game With flags  online
With flags
Game Free Pirates Bernie online
Free Pirates Bernie
Game Mainlands wars online
Mainlands wars
Game Fruity Ninja online
Fruity Ninja
Game Shot firer online
Shot firer
Game Age manipulation online
Age manipulation
Game Robot revolt online
Robot revolt
Game Spider-Man is better than flappy bird - 3 online
Spider-Man is better than flappy bird - 3
Game College days online
College days
Game Noughts and Crosses online
Noughts and Crosses
Game Home toy parking online
Home toy parking
Game Stink bomb madness online
Stink bomb madness
Game Aquarium - 3 online
Aquarium - 3
Game Sliding Puzzle with the girl online
Sliding Puzzle with the girl
Game Рlatform circle online
Рlatform circle
Game Protobotic  online
Game Save My Robotos online
Save My Robotos
Game Colorlines online
Game Break Em Up Again online
Break Em Up Again
Game I saw them! online
I saw them!
Game Stones of ancients online
Stones of ancients
Game Zone strike online
Zone strike
Game Planet Platformer - 2 online
Planet Platformer - 2
Game London Looters online
London Looters
Game Sky Freaks online
Sky Freaks
Game Necrosis online
Game Flappy Paratroopa online
Flappy Paratroopa
Game Flap Bound online
Flap Bound
Game Flappy Bat online
Flappy Bat
Game Christmas frenzy online
Christmas frenzy
Game Animal cross online
Animal cross
Game J'aime Mahjong online
J'aime Mahjong
Game Snata Golf online
Snata Golf
Game Fashion story online
Fashion story
Game CupCake cult online
CupCake cult
Game Madame Mystic: Palm reading online
Madame Mystic: Palm reading
Game Rookie nurse online
Rookie nurse
Game Balancing on the edge online
Balancing on the edge
Game Roller Academy online
Roller Academy
Game Angry Brain Heroes online
Angry Brain Heroes
Game Hundred meters running online
Hundred meters running
Game Office slacking - 6 online
Office slacking - 6
Game Home run online
Home run
Game Blind date online
Blind date
Game Green astronaut online
Green astronaut
Game Design bathroom prototype online
Design bathroom prototype
Game Bot Ball online
Bot Ball
Game Fei Long Soundboard online
Fei Long Soundboard
Game First aid: fire rescue online
First aid: fire rescue
Game Make a plush Turkey toy online
Make a plush Turkey toy
Game Rainbow Fairy tattoo artist online
Rainbow Fairy tattoo artist
Game Four boxes online
Four boxes
Game Master of catapult online
Master of catapult
Game Drop - 3 online
Drop - 3
Game School band slacking online
School band slacking
Game Basket blast online
Basket blast
Game CrystalLoid online
Game Ninjas! online
Game Fuzzy monsters 2048 online
Fuzzy monsters 2048
Game Simple bowling online
Simple bowling
Game The square puzzle online
The square puzzle
Game Super pool online
Super pool
Game Ear surgery online
Ear surgery
Game Jigsaw: Air show online
Jigsaw: Air show
Game O-shaped ninjas online
O-shaped ninjas
Game Mathematics with matches online
Mathematics with matches
Game Mama's ice cream online
Mama's ice cream
Game Marine Puzzle online
Marine Puzzle
Game Traffic control online
Traffic control
Game Circus Pop online
Circus Pop
Game Garden trim online
Garden trim
Game Spring ninja - 2 online
Spring ninja - 2
Game Girl from Japan online
Girl from Japan
Game Car Parking Lot online
Car Parking Lot
Game Football stars - world cup online
Football stars - world cup
Game Bomber At War - 2 online
Bomber At War - 2
Game Blue is your goal online
Blue is your goal
Game Gasoline online
Game Quantum Patrol online
Quantum Patrol
Game Zoik and destroy online
Zoik and destroy
Game Flappy bird online
Flappy bird
Game Roulette online
Game Creating graffiti - 6 online
Creating graffiti - 6
Game Loops of zen - 3 online
Loops of zen - 3
Game Andy the athlete online
Andy the athlete
Game Lava car escape online
Lava car escape
Game Thrones  online
Game X-men trio online
X-men trio
Game Pandafun online
Game Darts 301 online
Darts 301
Game Candy Store Slacking online
Candy Store Slacking
Game Robot Riot online
Robot Riot
Game Shipwreck Survivor online
Shipwreck Survivor
Game Fishdom: Harvest Splash online
Fishdom: Harvest Splash
Game Happy little fish online
Happy little fish
Game Prototype - 3D online
Prototype - 3D
Game Big bad wolf online
Big bad wolf
Game Middle school classroom makeover online
Middle school classroom makeover
Game Trekking to the circus online
Trekking to the circus
Game Space snake online
Space snake
Game White day online
White day
Game Funny classroom - 3 online
Funny classroom - 3
Game Cooking slacking online
Cooking slacking
Game Mechanics online
Game Free Roоm online
Free Roоm
Game The woman - a fortune-teller online
The woman - a fortune-teller
Game Puzzbots online
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In June 2009, the company Radical Entertainment has released a fairly ambitious game, called Prototype.Ambitious advertising campaign, and the promise of a breakthrough in the gaming industry could not come to fruition.The game sold a good circulation, allowing developers to easily take up the sequel.What is a game?If you think about it, nothing special.The plot is not rife with surprises.New York has once again swept the epidemic that turns people into monsters, and eventually killing them.The main character was a miracle natural immunity to the virus, more than that, he received his ability, making him invincible.He did not remember anything about himself, but the name.During the game we had to figure out who he is, and find out the cause of the virus.This reason was our hero himself.In general, the plot was predictable and devoid of intrigue.But this is more than compensated for the fact that we gave the game itself.To run freely through the city, killing anyone right and left alone against whole armies ... Number of action in this game is going wild, and this fact, coupled with excellent graphics and the game brought success.Inspired by this success of their offspring, the authors game could not take up the sequel.In the second part, we play the role of the U.S. Army sergeant, who also possessed superhuman, of course thanks to the virus.Our hero thought that his family was killed in the previous epidemic, the culprit was a protagonist of the first game.Determined by all means was not avenge the death of loved ones (which in the end will be alive), our sergeant goes in search of the villain, simultaneously destroying and killing everything and everyone in its path.The second part of the game has not produced the same effect as the first, but, nevertheless, the failure happened.The second part came out lighter, has improved abilities, which occurred in the first version by performing side-quests, the second part was removed altogether.We were originally a ride almost to the maximum, in connection with which the performance is quite tedious job made no sense.The game was designed for a very powerful computers, all the same graphic was on the level.So it could not play it.But for those who really really wanted to try himself as infected superhero, came to the aid released shortly flash game prototype.Our site gives the owners the opportunity to run a little low-end PCs infected by the streets of New York, to come to grips with hostile soldiers, and just enjoy the game.