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Home to play backgammon, is considered the Ancient East.It was there, over 5000 years ago was invented this fascinating, does not lose its popularity game.The main factor promoting the game in the world, is a kind of cocktail that combines luck and need to think about each move, making backgammon like chess.And if the chess player with insufficient knowledge of playing skills, can only rely on the oversight of an opponent, in backgammon his help may come Her Majesty - Lady Luck.One should also not forget the passion that drives the players and forces them to start more and more parties.This game failed, seemingly impossible - to collect a need to think in chess, to rely on luck like roulette, forcing players to tremble with ecstasy of passion, like poker.Today there are plenty of board games, and each in its own way is exciting and interesting.But not everyone can boast such a rich history.Do you know many games that are played by the Egyptian pharaohs?A game that has many similarities to the current spikenard, archaeologists have discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun.The ancient Persians used to predict the fate of backgammon Persian rulers.Let's talk about the basic rules of the game.The playing field consists of 24 items grouped by 6.Each player has 15 chips, which in chess have white and black color.The first move is played by throwing dice, a greater or smaller number of points.The aim is to transfer as soon as possible of their chips into the house, and their "release" from the board.At the beginning of the game all the chips are built in a straight line, so-called "head."From head can be removed in one move only one piece, except for the cases when the first drops during a double.On our site, you have the unique opportunity to try their hand completely free to play online backgammon long, and most understand all the intricacies of this entertaining game.Feel like a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, or sense the whisper of the wind, walking in the plains of Persia.It does not matter how old you are, you are a man or a young girl, graduated from Oxford University, or behind you have only a normal high school ... long play backgammon online, levels the playing field for all players.Yes, to play with a real opponent on this board, to hear the sound of bones thrown undeniably interesting than klatsat mouse on the screen.But long backgammon online play is possible between work, or a quiet winter night, sitting in a warm coat with a cup of hot tea at the computer.Enjoy the game and let you lucky!