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Action - game action, the most numerous and the most common, in our time, the game.This is the growing directions using volumetric 3D graphics of the highest quality, photo-textured and realistic models.Gamedev all innovations have been implemented for the first time in these games.This category includes some of the most graphically spectacular games: shooters and fighting games, earlier in this genre were platformers, but now they have been sufficiently developed to separate into a separate genre.The genre was born with the advent of personal computers and the prevalence of gambling machines.Around the beginning of the eighties, it was a big appearance, no one is indifferent to the new type of games: new graphics and engine, allowed for a new game to realize scenes that have become popular.Action is required in addition to logic, and even the rate of reaction of the gamer, the unexpected appearance of the enemy and dynamic movement, pleasantly pleased, by the development of IT technology, the games became available to many new weapons, which in turn led to the development of visual effects in games.Now, out of this particular genre of games most gamers expect, as graphically action game has always been ahead of the rest: the new engines and visual effects with realistic physics are sometimes similar to a movie with a plot driven.Selecting weapons, you go on a mission, can experience teamwork, fighting with the terrorists and restore justice.The famous game: Star Wars Battlefront, CS, Call of Duty, STALKER and more than one thousand games, belongs to this genre, everyone will find a game to their liking.There is a medieval jousting shooters where you're wearing heavy armor, took a sword or other weapon, go on a crusade, and now find yourself in Italy, being the assassin, a professional killer of the 17th century.Or can poison a grand battle of the Second World War soldier of any country.These are, and that's not all, features provide you advanced shooter game genre.A particular advantage of actions, it is possible to play with the team in a multiplayer game.This genre will suit even the most strict gamer variety of time in games, combat arms and a variety of weapons and a team game, the most powerful arguments for wanting to play this game.Here you will find the desired game, our site is constantly updated list of games, the most diverse and interesting.

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