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Warcraft universe is one of the most famous and popular among computer games.It is not surprising that it was embodied in a variety of gaming platforms.In this section of our site, such as collection of the best flash games of this theme.Therefore, you have the opportunity to play warcraft online without having to install the game, which is useful if you are sitting, for example, at work.The fictional universe of Warcraft originally appeared in the computer strategy.However, the interest fans of the series was so dramatic that soon after the "art of war" were designed board games, collectible card games, books, comics, and there's even the possibility of a movie.Warcraft universe is a fantasy story, which describes a confrontation with the people of the planet Azeroth and Draenor from the planet Ork.Often come into conflict, and other creatures from different planets and dimensions.Thus, in the third part of the game in opposition to the orcs and humans intervened the night elves and the undead.Gradually, as the Warcraft universe was drawn into the conflict, and new creatures, often also conflicting parties united to face stronger opponents, and then again betrayed each other.As computer games, flash games, telling of the Warcraft universe, emerged in several genres.First of all, you should start with the strategy genre.That strategy is the first of Warcraft.The game fought for territory specific card men and orcs.The player is available several types of units, some of which are motorized, flying and waterfowl.For the development of its army to build the mining and engineering structures and buildings that serve to protect the base.On the game map are also neutral reservoir of resources for which would also have to do some fighting.In fact, the gameplay boils down to which player will have time to quickly capture important points on the map and snatch victory from the opponent.In addition to the strategies, flash game of the Warcraft universe is in the genre of tower defense.These games need to build different types of towers to protect your base.The variety of enemies, wandering on a trail requires a player to combine different types of protective structures for optimum combat effectiveness.There are many other Warcraft games, which were created based on the famous game universe.For example, a variety of fighting, racing and puzzle games.However, they all share a common vision and the familiar computer game characters.So from these flash games will be able to enjoy the fans of the Warcraft universe and new players.