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In order to play a game of dominoes no longer have to search for a set of dominoes, table or partners.In the modern world, even such classic games are in the CBT.Just run knock in the window of your browser and start a "cut."Rules of dominoes are very simple.Each player is given a certain amount of game tiles.This plate, divided into two parts, on which a different number of points.Once on the board put the first knuckle-knock, the other player has to make the following so that the number of points they matched.If he does not have a bone, he pulls another one of the crowd.This continues until all the tiles will not be dismantled.The winner is the first person to lay out all the bones on the playing field.Online dominoes goes by the same rules, but with the difference that everything happens on the computer screen.The program gives the knuckles and makes sure that the players honestly put them on the field.If you do not have a partner, they will become the program again - and often it is not worse than the real enemy.Although, of course, much more interesting, if you play dominoes online with real people.And even better - with your friends.Such a possibility is perfectly realized in flash games.And the players do not feel lonely, they can communicate with their opponents with a special chat.Playing with dominoes now available variety.You can choose a special design knuckles - classic black and white, bright and colorful or even something very unusual.Beautiful graphics in computer domino often supplemented by soft music and sound effects, so you will not feel deprived of insufficient realism of what is happening.There are games of dominoes that are tailored specifically for children.To make it even more fun to put his knuckles on the table, it adds a fascinating game story and overall goal of the game - for example, to save someone from the clutches of the villains.For the little ones play dominoes online can help in the study of accounts, because education is always better in the gaming experience.When the classic domino little bored, you can try advanced options - for example, the connection of dominoes and solitaire where you consistently reveal tiles and remove the pair, whose total is 21.You can also repeat the fun with the favored series of dominoes that consistently fall on what pushed the only one - for that you need to consider to place all the tiles, so that in the fall they clung to each other.Various versions of online dominoes can be found in this section of the site.