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Game   online
Game City Building  online
City Building
Game online
Game Feed The Fatties  online
Feed The Fatties
Game Zeus Fever  online
Zeus Fever
Game   online
Game Time Raid  online
Time Raid
Game Black Panther: Vibranium Defender  online
Black Panther: Vibranium Defender
Game   online
Game   online
Game Portalethium  online
Game Battle of Nature's Finest: Fruit vs Veg  online
Battle of Nature's Finest: Fruit vs Veg
Game Refuge 2050  online
Refuge 2050
Game   online
Game Reactor Defence  online
Reactor Defence
Game Altron  online

Games Browser strategy

Game JackSmith online
Game Ultimate Army online
Ultimate Army
Game iPlayer: Tanki Online  online
iPlayer: Tanki Online
Game Good Empire online
Good Empire
Game iPlayer: Khan Wars  online
iPlayer: Khan Wars
Game Rise of the Titans - 2 online
Rise of the Titans - 2
Game iPlayer: Barbarians online
iPlayer: Barbarians
Game iPlayer: Hero Zero online
iPlayer: Hero Zero
Game iPlayer: Battlegrounds of Eldhelm online
iPlayer: Battlegrounds of Eldhelm
Game Massive War 2 online
Massive War 2
Game Big-batle Tanks online
Big-batle Tanks
Game iPlayer: Desert Operations  online
iPlayer: Desert Operations
Game iPlayer: Klondike  online
iPlayer: Klondike
Game iPlayer: Shini  online
iPlayer: Shini
Game Happy Farm 2 online
Happy Farm 2
Game iPlayer: Romadoria  online
iPlayer: Romadoria
Game iPlayer: Galactic life  online
iPlayer: Galactic life
Game iPlayer: Fidelity: Knights and Princess  online
iPlayer: Fidelity: Knights and Princess
Game Tank Tactics online
Tank Tactics
Game Food-Court online
Game iPlayer: Wargame 1942  online
iPlayer: Wargame 1942
Game Stark Tower Defence online
Stark Tower Defence
Game Eccentric with Mario  online
Eccentric with Mario
Game iPlayer: Legends of Dreams  online
iPlayer: Legends of Dreams
Game iPlayer: My Lands online
iPlayer: My Lands
Game Dora Flower Basket online
Dora Flower Basket
Game The End online
The End
Game iPlayer Goodgame Empire  online
iPlayer Goodgame Empire
Game iPlayer: Moonstars - Heaven Avior  online
iPlayer: Moonstars - Heaven Avior
Game Minecraft Tower Defense online
Minecraft Tower Defense
Game Strategy Defense 3.5 online
Strategy Defense 3.5
Game Solar System Defence online
Solar System Defence
Game Mud and Blood 2.3 online
Mud and Blood 2.3
Game Magic Defender Level Pack online
Magic Defender Level Pack
Game Check Flag online
Check Flag
Game Dash n Knights online
Dash n Knights
Game Battle panic online
Battle panic
Game Starcraft Flash 5 Tower Defence online
Starcraft Flash 5 Tower Defence
Game Battle Gear 3 online
Battle Gear 3
Game Phage Wars online
Phage Wars
Game Werewolf Vampire War online
Werewolf Vampire War
Game War and technologies online
War and technologies
Game Papa's Cup Cakeria online
Papa's Cup Cakeria
Game Little pony big war online
Little pony big war
Game Battle Gear online
Battle Gear
Game Resort Empire online
Resort Empire
Game Shadez online
Game Plants  vs Zombies online
Plants vs Zombies
Game Castles Wars online
Castles Wars
Game Farm Frenzy 2  online
Farm Frenzy 2
Game Minotaur - 2 online
Minotaur - 2
Game Cobra Squad online
Cobra Squad
Game Divine General online
Divine General
Game Seeds online
Game Wall to wall online
Wall to wall
Game Mexican Zombie defense online
Mexican Zombie defense
Game Madness Retaliation online
Madness Retaliation
Game Railroad workers online
Railroad workers
Game Kingdom Rush online
Kingdom Rush
Game Ultimate Tank War online
Ultimate Tank War
Game Squadz 2 online
Squadz 2
Game Tentacle wars online
Tentacle wars
Game Gopher Finished  online
Gopher Finished
Game Bloons TD5 online
Bloons TD5
Game Traffic City online
Traffic City
Game Hitstick 6 online
Hitstick 6
Game Alliant. Defence of the Сolony online
Alliant. Defence of the Сolony
Game Arcanorum online
Game Protect your farm from zombies online
Protect your farm from zombies
Game Minecraft online
Game The Boomlands online
The Boomlands
Game Golden Ninja online
Golden Ninja
Game Miragine War online
Miragine War
Game Angry birds elimination online
Angry birds elimination
Game Bloons tower defence - 5 online
Bloons tower defence - 5
Game A Chess Game online
A Chess Game
Game Kitt's kingdom online
Kitt's kingdom
Game 4 Warriors online
4 Warriors
Game Town Engineer online
Town Engineer
Game QuarkStar Mission ZERO online
QuarkStar Mission ZERO
Game Nano War 2 online
Nano War 2
Game Bug Attack online
Bug Attack
Game magic orbs online
magic orbs
Game Monsters Lawn online
Monsters Lawn
Game Scrap Metal Heroes online
Scrap Metal Heroes
Game The battle with ships online
The battle with ships
Game Sim city mini online
Sim city mini
Game Gun Nomads online
Gun Nomads
Game Crash Town online
Crash Town
Game Battle Gear 2.5 online
Battle Gear 2.5
Game I War online
I War
Game Starcraft Flash RPG online
Starcraft Flash RPG
Game Tycoon Jones online
Tycoon Jones
Game Battle Gear 2 online
Battle Gear 2
Game Small Warrior Battles online
Small Warrior Battles
Game Cannon man online
Cannon man
Game Demogorgon  online
Game Condemned World TD online
Condemned World TD
Game Lumber Zap online
Lumber Zap
Game Archer Game online
Archer Game
Game Command Soldiers online
Command Soldiers
Game Dwarf War online
Dwarf War
Game Кeeper of the grove 2 online
Кeeper of the grove 2
Game Lazer Maze online
Lazer Maze
Game Small Warrior Battles online
Small Warrior Battles
Game Tukelay's Revenge: Prelude online
Tukelay's Revenge: Prelude
Game Pokemon: great defence - 2 online
Pokemon: great defence - 2
Game Sexy Billiards online
Sexy Billiards
Game Revenge Of Angry Tomato online
Revenge Of Angry Tomato
Game Icy Purple Head online
Icy Purple Head
Game Industreal zone decor online
Industreal zone decor
Game Castle wars - 2 online
Castle wars - 2
Game Big business 2 online
Big business 2
Game Colors online
Game Holy Sword Struggle 2 online
Holy Sword Struggle 2
Game Thanks Tanks online
Thanks Tanks
Game Underground War 2 online
Underground War 2
Game Endless War 6 online
Endless War 6
Game Strategy Defense 9 online
Strategy Defense 9
Game Battle Gear Vs Humaliens online
Battle Gear Vs Humaliens
Game Bridge Tactics online
Bridge Tactics
Game Bridge Tactics 2 online
Bridge Tactics 2
Game Kingdoms at War online
Kingdoms at War
Game Youda Marina online
Youda Marina
Game Empires of arkeia online
Empires of arkeia
Game Kingdom wars online
Kingdom wars
Game Ball  online
Game Platoon 2: 3 Day on War online
Platoon 2: 3 Day on War
Game Squadz 2 online
Squadz 2
Game The Last Village online
The Last Village
Game Super Security online
Super Security
Game Tank War Ultimatе online
Tank War Ultimatе
Game Avatar Black Sun Siege online
Avatar Black Sun Siege
Game The Village Revisited online
The Village Revisited
Game Seige of Osaka online
Seige of Osaka
Game Power Steel: Total Protection v.1.0 online
Power Steel: Total Protection v.1.0
Game Roads of Rome online
Roads of Rome
Game Battle Gear online
Battle Gear
Game Wedding Planner online
Wedding Planner
Game Castlewars online
Game Mobs Byte online
Mobs Byte
Game Gangsters War online
Gangsters War
Game Incursion  online
Game Inquisitive Dave online
Inquisitive Dave
Game Pocket Ninja online
Pocket Ninja
Game Savage Planet Defense online
Savage Planet Defense
Game Slime defender online
Slime defender
Game Motorcycle Tycoon online
Motorcycle Tycoon
Game Battle Gear 2 online
Battle Gear 2
Game Quest For Power online
Quest For Power
Game Cellular Defense online
Cellular Defense
Game Spectromancer: Gamers Pack online
Spectromancer: Gamers Pack
Game Legend of the Gold Robot online
Legend of the Gold Robot
Game Railway Valley 2 online
Railway Valley 2
Game Royal Envoy 2 online
Royal Envoy 2
Game Territory War Hacked online
Territory War Hacked
Game My Territory online
My Territory
Game Mystic Cards 2 online
Mystic Cards 2
Game Create Your Own Tower Defence 3 online
Create Your Own Tower Defence 3
Game Tower moon online
Tower moon
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Feel like a master of the vast kingdom and the powerful army chief is very easy in the modern strategy games.Manage your own city, build defensive structures, take care of food and building materials, and train soldiers to think about expanding their territories.Computer strategies produce almost unlimited capabilities to control virtual worlds.As a rule, the game's plot begins with a simple village, or even the bare ground on which you can build the first building.Construction is carried out employees who need somewhere to live and something to eat.And for buildings also need materials.Development of your empire requires constant attention - watch out for the amount of wood and stone, develop the farm and hunting groups, to search for the stone and gold mines.And, of course, think of the protection of their possessions - enemy soldiers are coming to destroy your city, kill your citizens and plunder your treasure.It is worth considering as a protective structures such as walls and towers, and the well-armed soldiers.At first, your army can consist of a handful of vulnerable guys with batons.But if you spend time with them training for them to forge swords and bows, to train new types of troops, you can create a powerful army, to which will thrill the entire game world.Browser games online strategy can plunge into the medieval world with knights, archers, catapults, and sailing ships.Or become the ruler of the magical reality where elves fight with orcs, and in the army are powerful wizards, shooting enemies in every possible spells.There is a strategy in which you control the modern world, wielding tanks, jets, and a variety of firearms.For fans of fantasy games are a possible future with laser guns, futuristic buildings, space ships and ultra technological robots.Each strategy game involves a certain management style and the course of events in the game display.There are toys, which you can in real time to contemplate the course of the battle, to see how to construct a new building and have full control over each of its citizens.In other games, you see only a static picture and explanation in popup dialogs.There are strategies, more similar to the card game or a game of chess in which each player makes successive moves.In this section of the site you can find almost any style strategy game in which you can play, either alone (fighting with a computer program), and with real opponents from all over the world.