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Rapunzel - a tale of a girl with unusually long hair, which was imprisoned in a high tower.Tale, like many others, is the result of creative people.However, it has been recorded and described the Grimm brothers, and later received numerous adaptations in movies, cartoons and games, especially popular among them are games for girls Rapunzel.One of the most successful adaptations of stories about Tangled is an animated film studio Walt Disney Pictures entitled "Tangled."It should be noted that for the studio this cartoon is signed.You should start with the fact that he was working on the story Disney has since the 40s of last century.This is the 50th full-length animated film studio, and the first three-dimensional cartoon Disney, made in classic style.The plot tells the story of the cartoon is that once fell to the ground solar drop, from which sprouted a magic flower Rapunzel.When this flower Gothel had found an old woman, it was found that the plant has magical powers - it gives eternal youth and beauty.Naturally, Hotel, under any circumstances, want to part with the flower.But in the kingdom was the mountain - a pregnant queen deathly ill.Salvation for her was a magical plant.Disease receded, childbirth was successful, and was born a princess Rapunzel.Her hair was adopted magical power saving plants.But even when the princess was a child, she was kidnapped, and Gothel imprisoned in the tower.Further history revealed in the cartoon.As mentioned earlier, based on the animated film "Tangled" and other fairy tales and cartoons were a large number of flash games.And any game play Rapunzel with interest make any audience, young and old.As for the gameplay, the Rapunzel game can be very different from each other.Among them are developing games for the little ones: a variety of coloring pages, search the alphabet and numbers, games for memory.Other online games Rapunzel dedicated to the topic of fashion, because each princess should look great in any circumstances.This will have some work to find a suitable outfit for different occasions, hair and makeup.And, like any fashionista, do not forget about accessories.The story of the long-haired Princess Rapunzel has been known for any one century.It is not surprising that its motives were created wonderful and instructive cartoons, as well as fun and exciting games.With the best of flash games, telling of Rapunzel, at any convenient time to get to know on our website in the appropriate category.

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