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Different rides have become popular for a long time.Of particular popularity of so-called American race.The fact is that in the early XX century, after World War I people are used to the feeling of excitement and adrenaline in the blood.They wanted something extreme in times of peace.Over time, the roller coaster becomes steeper and more extreme.However, the loops on them appeared only after the Second World War, and it was in 1959.In general, a ride on the roller coaster was the dream of many children as well as growns, and many people who love to feel the adrenaline in the blood.Once created a roller coaster game, people have the opportunity to experience such extreme feelings do not go out of his house.Of course, when riding on a roller coaster this feeling will be much cooler then the computer version passed the whole atmosphere of a roller coaster, what you can give.In these games, you can ride on the world's best attractions, such as the Raven in the U.S., Pepsi MAX in England, Gouderix and Tonerre de Zeu in France, and, of course, the Katun, the best metal slides the entire European continent!In this game you will find a real detailed graphics that will make you feel in the car, which carries a tremendous speed of 110 kilometers per hour.Also remember that kind of thing that the "loop" is not the worst thing that you can survive.After all, the overloads that are waiting for you on steep turns the roller coaster can be compared with those who experience the astronauts and Formula 1 drivers.Also, these games allow you to create your own tracks.This gives tremendous freedom to your imagination.Among other things, these games have a user friendly interface.Also note that the game has statistics to track the technical parameters of the wonderful trails that you build.Among these options is the velocity and the number of critical points, and the force of gravity.These virtual slides are the best of the best, because they like in reality there are splashes of squeals, tracks up to 60 kilometers, reckless speed, and all this is available "on the spot", or rather directly from your computer.As some additions, reported that the games can be played directly on our site, that is, you do not need to download and install a third-party application.It is very convenient, especially for those who work in the office.

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