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Sara's Cooking Class
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Game Burger Chef  online
Burger Chef
Game Sushi Cafe Escape  online
Sushi Cafe Escape
Game Elsa's Ice Cream Rolls  online
Elsa's Ice Cream Rolls
Game Mermaid Coffee Shop  online
Mermaid Coffee Shop
Game Ice Cream Bar  online
Ice Cream Bar
Game Who Z for Dinner?  online
Who Z for Dinner?
Game We bare bears Chocolate artist  online
We bare bears Chocolate artist
Game Pug Pub  online
Pug Pub
Game Ice Cream  online
Ice Cream
Game Lunch Shop fast food  online
Lunch Shop fast food
Game Yukiko's Sushi Shop  online
Yukiko's Sushi Shop
Game Doner Kebab Salad, Tomatoes, Onions  online
Doner Kebab Salad, Tomatoes, Onions
Game Coffee Boy  online
Coffee Boy
Game Bartender The Celeb Mix  online
Bartender The Celeb Mix
Game Donuts Bakery  online
Donuts Bakery
Game Fizz Fuss  online
Fizz Fuss

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Game Hamster Winter Bistro online
Hamster Winter Bistro
Game Papas Freezeria online
Papas Freezeria
Game Coffee shop online
Coffee shop
Game Delicious burger shop online
Delicious burger shop
Game Diner Dash Hometown Hero online
Diner Dash Hometown Hero
Game Jennifer Rose: Texas Saloon online
Jennifer Rose: Texas Saloon
Game Milk and Coffee online
Milk and Coffee
Game Coffee And Style online
Coffee And Style
Game Spongebob Fastfood Restaurant online
Spongebob Fastfood Restaurant
Game Ice Cream Serve Up online
Ice Cream Serve Up
Game Jerrys Diner online
Jerrys Diner
Game Princess Cafe online
Princess Cafe
Game Papa's Taco Mia online
Papa's Taco Mia
Game Cinema Cafe online
Cinema Cafe
Game Resort Empire online
Resort Empire
Game Papa's Pancakeria online
Papa's Pancakeria
Game Kelsys Coffee Date online
Kelsys Coffee Date
Game Coffee Shop online
Coffee Shop
Game Barbie Ice Cream Parlor online
Barbie Ice Cream Parlor
Game Glamour Cafe online
Glamour Cafe
Game Coffee Corner online
Coffee Corner
Game Halloween Icecream online
Halloween Icecream
Game Ice Cream Store Dating online
Ice Cream Store Dating
Game Amigo Cafe online
Amigo Cafe
Game The Coffee Shop online
The Coffee Shop
Game Papa's Freezeria online
Papa's Freezeria
Game Burger restaurant 2 online
Burger restaurant 2
Game Burger Restaurant 4 online
Burger Restaurant 4
Game Jennifer Rose: Restaurant Love 2 online
Jennifer Rose: Restaurant Love 2
Game Papas Pastaria online
Papas Pastaria
Game Penguin diner online
Penguin diner
Game Popcorn Mania online
Popcorn Mania
Game Mario Restaurants online
Mario Restaurants
Game Serve The School Boys online
Serve The School Boys
Game Toto's Treats online
Toto's Treats
Game Burger Shop online
Burger Shop
Game Shop Stop in Paris online
Shop Stop in Paris
Game Cafe Waitress online
Cafe Waitress
Game Tom And Jerry Dinner online
Tom And Jerry Dinner
Game Fairy Cafe online
Fairy Cafe
Game Dora Food Serving online
Dora Food Serving
Game Happily ever after online
Happily ever after
Game Goodgame Disco online
Goodgame Disco
Game Ferrari at McDrive online
Ferrari at McDrive
Game Spongebob Patty Dash online
Spongebob Patty Dash
Game Beach Cafe online
Beach Cafe
Game Hot doggeria online
Hot doggeria
Game Cake Shop online
Cake Shop
Game Столовые ресторан online
Столовые ресторан
Game Baby Restaurant online
Baby Restaurant
Game Top That Deux online
Top That Deux
Game Manage the coffee house online
Manage the coffee house
Game Dora Diner online
Dora Diner
Game Skittles: Smoothie Shop online
Skittles: Smoothie Shop
Game Kelly's Summer Jobs online
Kelly's Summer Jobs
Game Valentine Cake online
Valentine Cake
Game Coffee Shop  online
Coffee Shop
Game Britney`s Coctail Quest online
Britney`s Coctail Quest
Game Potion Bar online
Potion Bar
Game Seafood Lovers online
Seafood Lovers
Game Learn to cook Hamburger online
Learn to cook Hamburger
Game Delhi  online
Game Hamster Restaurant online
Hamster Restaurant
Game Sweety bakery online
Sweety bakery
Game Flirty Waitress 2 online
Flirty Waitress 2
Game Jessica's beach salad bar online
Jessica's beach salad bar
Game Pollys panour online
Pollys panour
Game Rock The Hall online
Rock The Hall
Game Ziblok's Grill online
Ziblok's Grill
Game Sweety Icecream Shop online
Sweety Icecream Shop
Game Pastry Maker online
Pastry Maker
Game Naughty Movie Theatre online
Naughty Movie Theatre
Game Sissi Hamburger Shop online
Sissi Hamburger Shop
Game Penguin Diner online
Penguin Diner
Game Fast-food online
Game BBQ Chicken Sandwich online
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Game Frenzy noodles online
Frenzy noodles
Game Diner City online
Diner City
Game Burger Restaurant 4: online
Burger Restaurant 4:
Game Toffee Shop online
Toffee Shop
Game Cafe Waitress online
Cafe Waitress
Game Barbie Fun Cafe online
Barbie Fun Cafe
Game Drinks online
Game Double Cheeseburger Decorator online
Double Cheeseburger Decorator
Game Coffee Day online
Coffee Day
Game Amazing Latte Art online
Amazing Latte Art
Game Cute Burger online
Cute Burger
Game Love Restaurant online
Love Restaurant
Game Pizza Bar online
Pizza Bar
Game Waitress adventures online
Waitress adventures
Game Doli Surprise Party Cake online
Doli Surprise Party Cake
Game Crazy Pet Cafe online
Crazy Pet Cafe
Game Kathryn's fast food corner online
Kathryn's fast food corner
Game Pancake Serving Master online
Pancake Serving Master
Game Cafe
Cafe "Skid plates"
Game Seaside Cafe online
Seaside Cafe
Game Bar Girl - The Right Mix online
Bar Girl - The Right Mix
Game Bay Restaurant online
Bay Restaurant
Game Diner Kids online
Diner Kids
Game Aliens Restaurant online
Aliens Restaurant
Game Cookies For Kids online
Cookies For Kids
Game Muffin rush online
Muffin rush
Game Lunch Workshop online
Lunch Workshop
Game Papa's Pancakeria online
Papa's Pancakeria
Game Latin heat online
Latin heat
Game Chicken Fry online
Chicken Fry
Game Village Bistro online
Village Bistro
Game Forest birds feed online
Forest birds feed
Game Electronic Vittles online
Electronic Vittles
Game Village Bistro online
Village Bistro
Game MakDokalds  online
Game Valentine's Shop online
Valentine's Shop
Game Pet Restaurant online
Pet Restaurant
Game Betty's Eatery online
Betty's Eatery
Game Cupid Restaurant online
Cupid Restaurant
Game Huru Beach Party online
Huru Beach Party
Game The ice cream bar Alice online
The ice cream bar Alice
Game Fairy Cafe online
Fairy Cafe
Game A good cafe online
A good cafe
Game Toto's Sweet V-Day online
Toto's Sweet V-Day
Game Hot Dogs on Fire online
Hot Dogs on Fire
Game Hamburger to McDrive online
Hamburger to McDrive
Game Cooking Thai Food online
Cooking Thai Food
Game Mina's Restaurant Training online
Mina's Restaurant Training
Game Date of slacking online
Date of slacking
Game Toto's Treats online
Toto's Treats
Game Luigi Restaurants online
Luigi Restaurants
Game Cafe at the airport online
Cafe at the airport
Game Diner Dash: Hometown Hero online
Diner Dash: Hometown Hero
Game The cake shop online
The cake shop
Game Coffee shop online
Coffee shop
Game Vampire Ice Cream Shop online
Vampire Ice Cream Shop
Game Scientist Serve online
Scientist Serve
Game Clean! online
Game Popcorn Booth online
Popcorn Booth
Game Juicy Icey Cake online
Juicy Icey Cake
Game Flirty Waitress online
Flirty Waitress
Game Holiday cafe online
Holiday cafe
Game Grandma’s Bakery online
Grandma’s Bakery
Game Beach Kafe Management online
Beach Kafe Management
Game Christmas Santa's pastry online
Christmas Santa's pastry
Game Mini cafe 31 online
Mini cafe 31
Game Popcorn Machine Server online
Popcorn Machine Server
Game Holiday beach hotel online
Holiday beach hotel
Game Slot and Serve online
Slot and Serve
Game Big-n-fast online
Game Sisi's Sushi Bar online
Sisi's Sushi Bar
Game Magic Bar online
Magic Bar
Game Do Gelateria online
Do Gelateria
Game Top That online
Top That
Game Bake pancakes in the pancake house online
Bake pancakes in the pancake house
Game Airport Cafe online
Airport Cafe
Game The Bartender online
The Bartender
Game Coffee Shop online
Coffee Shop
Game Mikey's Crazy Cafeteria online
Mikey's Crazy Cafeteria
Game Delicious Sandwiches online
Delicious Sandwiches
Game Spaghetti carbonara recipe online
Spaghetti carbonara recipe
Game Pizza Pronto City online
Pizza Pronto City
Game Popular restaurant online
Popular restaurant
Game Cherry cup cake online
Cherry cup cake
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You always wanted to become an owner of the bar, cozy restaurant, a pizzeria, or a small cafe?Games for girls cafes allow you to realize this dream, at least in the virtual.In these games you will need to take care of everything that is connected with the work of your institution.First, you need to organize your home decor, where people will be coming to dinner.Secondly, you need to choose the best place in town to pick up a significant sign to attract customers.You also need to think about how to beat the competition to it that your institution was possible visitors.For all this, you need the money, so you need to think about how to increase profits cafes.Do not think it can be done, if greatly increase the cost of food and drink, because then it can greatly decrease the number of visitors.And if you put the price of the cheapest in town, the number of visitors will be the biggest, but because of the small price profit institutions can not grow as fast as we would like.In connection with this, you have to find a happy medium.These games allow you to come up with a special piece for your institution, which can also bring you success!If you succeed, your institution and will bring you more profit, you can open another cafe, and in the future to make the whole network of these institutions!Games for girls restaurants are very popular, because only they can feel the control of such an institution!If you do not want to be the owner, then the game is to cook in a restaurant, where you can feel like a real chef!Girls cooking skill is one of the most important in life.And before you learn how to cook in this kitchen, you can experiment in a virtual kitchen.The more that you have entrusted to be a cook in the whole restaurant, and have well try to make customers happy.If your dishes will be the best, you will become a chef, and then be able to lay the table for the richest people in the country!Of course, in the virtual world for the proper preparation to be able to mix the ingredients and follow the recipe exactly.Sometimes, though, you can experiment.Suddenly, your innovation will be better!In online games worth playing, and restaurants for those who want to feel like a waiter.It can also be fun and profitable!There are games restaurants and cafes for animals, where you sit at the table cute animal, and feed on him in the best traditions!In general, there are many different games related to such institutions.