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Probably everyone at least once in his life watched the popular television program, called "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".Now the quiz for the most erudite reached and the Internet space.Now everyone can play in a millionaire online game and this is not necessarily trying to break into the television version of the game.It is thanks to how to become a millionaire who can play on our site, you can on our website, you can check your logic, knowledge, and, of course, intelligence.Of course, good intuition, too, Mr. hurt you in the process of answering the questions.Participants in this quiz you need to properly respond to fifteen questions.The complexity of issues increases from one to another.Of course, the simplest questions can be answered, even most children.But the answer to this question may not know even the scientists.But you are given four choices, one of which is correct.This is where you can help and your intuition.However, if you answer incorrectly, the game ends and your winning amount is reduced to a non-flammable.Just like in the TV version of the game, the internet can take three tips.There are clues "help room", which allows to help answer questions from the audience that had gathered on the set of transmission.If you play this game over the Internet, the computer simply will give you the statistics of the most probable answer.Tip "50 to 50" removes two incorrect answers, and then you need to select an answer only two options.Tip entitled "Call a Friend" allows you to call one of your friends that you and ask a question.He may know the answer to a question, and can not know.The Internet is also the case when you use this hint, the computer can give you the right answer, but maybe wrong.By the way, do not think you can answer the quiz questions with search engines.When you are playing a millionaire you can not leave the game window, or it is disabled.So we'll have to manage on their own, or rather, his knowledge.Recall that such a popular game was invented in the UK.First broadcast was only on radio channels.However, the game has become so popular that soon reached and British television, and then the television world.In Russia, the game was first seen in 1999 on the TV channel "NTV".At that time it was called "O Lucky Man."We wish you to answer all questions in a virtual version of the game on our site.Though it will not bring you a million, but it sure will allow you to learn a lot and check their erudition.