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Around five thousand back to ancient Egypt, there was already a board game, strongly reminiscent of the modern game of backgammon.The Egyptians called it the "Senet" and in it to enjoy playing, not only ordinary people but also the king who loved the game.That it can be called the progenitor of modern backgammon.In addition, the game was very popular in those civilizations as ancient Rome and Babylon.Also, this game is very fond of the Vikings.It should tell you about the legend, which says that in the ancient world, this board game was truly a mystical significance.Playing it, the ancient people of all associated with the number of planets as well as the days and months.Persian priests used as the source of backgammon on astrology predictions.But after this game moved from the East to Europe, it has banned the church.Over time, the rules have changed a bit, and the game has spread to Europe.Today, everyone has a chance to touch the ancient world, as backgammon online play for free on our website.The more that you do not need to have a special board with chips and dice to play it.You can play backgammon online on our website.Internet technology allows a lot.It also allows you to play backgammon online not only with computer bots, but also with real players, among whom may be your friends, friends, and loved ones.Now you can play online backgammon in two varieties, which are the most common.The first kind - is long backgammon.Also popular backgammon.They differ only in the placement of chips, and some features of the rules.Both varieties are very exciting, and rules are not the most complex.To start throwing dice.The numbers on the dice - a number of moves that can be made chip.The goal - to return the chips to the house before it will make your opponent.That is why to understand the rules of the game and play backgammon online for free can even be a little kid.Most future fans of the game started to play this game as every 6-7 years, although it is never too late to start.Among other things, this game allows you to develop logic, intelligence and wit.The fact that the moves to do so, to close to your opponent as much as possible locations for checkers.Also worth a watch, so that your opponent could not do you the same thing.Thus, we can conclude that the backgammon - it's not very entertaining and useful exercise.Good you games!