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In recent years become a very popular game Samorost, which you can play on our site.Samorost - this is the English name, which can be roughly translated into Russian as "identity."It is a game of the categories of quests and puzzles.Despite the fact that this is a little long game with simplified gameplay, thanks to the unforgettable story and surreal graphics, it stands out among the other quests.It would seem that the game is really simple.The player need only click the mouse to control the character named "dwarf", who walks in his pajamas.The essence of this quest is the following: it is necessary to prevent a clash of the planet on which he lives with dwarf planet-asteroid.The first part of the game was born in 2003.It was very successful, and after some time, were created to continue.First launched Samorost 2.In the course of the game Dwarf waiting for more interesting long adventure.The purpose of new adventures to save his dog, who was abducted by robbers from another planet, and then successfully return home.But Gnome for several years lived quietly, was friends with the dog grew pears and knew no trouble.Peaceful course of his life violated the aliens who not only stole the dog, but also pears and obtryasli natoptannoy on the lawn.Of course, Gnome could reconcile and nothing can be done, but he jumped into the rocket and went in pursuit.Now you have to help him in this difficult case.Finally, the third part of his adventures Gnome will travel by balloon.Zamora 3 game play in which you can on our website, came to light only recently.In the third part of the game it all started with that green creature, who lives with the dwarves, lost a hat, and good-natured dwarf went to find her.However, our main character runs out of fuel, and in connection with this, you need to land on an asteroid near every where you want to talk about different topics with the locals.At every asteroid you will be asked five questions that need to give correct answers to fly further.If you click on the wrong answer, you will act with one point.So do not get to answer all the questions at random.Third of all the gameplay the game comes down to the choice of answers.However, there will be funny moments, for example, will need to attract the attention of a possible companion.Per game Dwarf need to visit the eight planets.All three parts of the game have a simple but addictive gameplay, and a unique visual style.Good you games!