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Game Farming Simulator  online
Farming Simulator
Game Daisy Spring Day  online
Daisy Spring Day
Game The Best Winter Couple  online
The Best Winter Couple
Game Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition  online
Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition
Game Elsa Round the Clock Fashionista online
Elsa Round the Clock Fashionista
Game Monster High: Style Drakulaury  online
Monster High: Style Drakulaury
Game Princess Messy Room online
Princess Messy Room
Game Clara secure online
Clara secure
Game Merchant Banker online
Merchant Banker
Game Money makers online
Money makers
Game Pregnant Mom Washing Clothes online
Pregnant Mom Washing Clothes
Game Snow White sixteen design online
Snow White sixteen design
Game Virtual Squirrel online
Virtual Squirrel
Game RoboTechnic online
Game Sweet Tooth Toddler online
Sweet Tooth Toddler
Game Mousebreaker's Student Sim online
Mousebreaker's Student Sim

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Game JackSmith online
Game Douchebag Life online
Douchebag Life
Game Happy Farm 2 online
Happy Farm 2
Game Save The Bunny online
Save The Bunny
Game Douchebags Chick online
Douchebags Chick
Game Baby Emma at the dentist online
Baby Emma at the dentist
Game Super Mom online
Super Mom
Game Teen Dress Code online
Teen Dress Code
Game Pimp My Sleigh online
Pimp My Sleigh
Game Delicious burger shop online
Delicious burger shop
Game Stick Tennis online
Stick Tennis
Game Beautiful Wedding 3 online
Beautiful Wedding 3
Game Flash Flight Simulator online
Flash Flight Simulator
Game Lake fishing online
Lake fishing
Game Kindergarden online
Game Spartacus: First Blood online
Spartacus: First Blood
Game Beautiful Wedding Ceremony online
Beautiful Wedding Ceremony
Game The Living Dead online
The Living Dead
Game Baby Birthday prep online
Baby Birthday prep
Game The Last Frontier online
The Last Frontier
Game Hawaii Beach Dance online
Hawaii Beach Dance
Game Run Ben 10 online
Run Ben 10
Game Royal Fashion Coloring online
Royal Fashion Coloring
Game Lili in the Camp online
Lili in the Camp
Game Operate Now!Leg Surgery online
Operate Now!Leg Surgery
Game Baby Brushing Time online
Baby Brushing Time
Game Barbie's baby allergy online
Barbie's baby allergy
Game Ice castle house makeover online
Ice castle house makeover
Game Dinos Life online
Dinos Life
Game Barbie's baby bedtime online
Barbie's baby bedtime
Game Eco Ego online
Eco Ego
Game Baby Hazel - New Year party online
Baby Hazel - New Year party
Game Baby Bonnie online
Baby Bonnie
Game Bart Simpson at the doctor online
Bart Simpson at the doctor
Game Casual Dress Up online
Casual Dress Up
Game Living in the Capital online
Living in the Capital
Game Veggie Playground online
Veggie Playground
Game Airplane Slacking online
Airplane Slacking
Game Scoliosis surgery online
Scoliosis surgery
Game Baby Jasmine - Genie Spa online
Baby Jasmine - Genie Spa
Game Sparkling Swim Suits online
Sparkling Swim Suits
Game Railway Valley online
Railway Valley
Game Ice Cream Frenzy 2 online
Ice Cream Frenzy 2
Game Teena's Family Hut online
Teena's Family Hut
Game Zoo Frenzy online
Zoo Frenzy
Game Dorm Room Clean Up online
Dorm Room Clean Up
Game Oceanpark Manager online
Oceanpark Manager
Game Cute Pet Hospital online
Cute Pet Hospital
Game Baby Hazel Goldfish online
Baby Hazel Goldfish
Game Water Gun Shooter online
Water Gun Shooter
Game Parrot Care online
Parrot Care
Game Sim day and night online
Sim day and night
Game Baby stomach upset online
Baby stomach upset
Game Hello Hallo Dress Up online
Hello Hallo Dress Up
Game College Life online
College Life
Game Farm Frenzy 3 online
Farm Frenzy 3
Game Ice Cream Fight online
Ice Cream Fight
Game Farm Craft 2 online
Farm Craft 2
Game Jane's Hotel Mania online
Jane's Hotel Mania
Game Douchebag Workout 2 online
Douchebag Workout 2
Game Douchebag: Beach Club online
Douchebag: Beach Club
Game Baby strawberry scum online
Baby strawberry scum
Game Toe nail surgery online
Toe nail surgery
Game Tree of Life online
Tree of Life
Game Babysitter Slacking online
Babysitter Slacking
Game Perfect Hair Hollywood Style online
Perfect Hair Hollywood Style
Game Flower Design Shop online
Flower Design Shop
Game Stewardess named Julia online
Stewardess named Julia
Game Baby Hazel Funtime online
Baby Hazel Funtime
Game Avant Garde online
Avant Garde
Game Tasha's Treats Peaches and Cream Pie online
Tasha's Treats Peaches and Cream Pie
Game Slam dunk mania online
Slam dunk mania
Game Tycoon Jones online
Tycoon Jones
Game Red riding hood adventures online
Red riding hood adventures
Game Frozen Anna give birth a baby online
Frozen Anna give birth a baby
Game Interactive Gun 2.0 online
Interactive Gun 2.0
Game European Backpack Adventure online
European Backpack Adventure
Game Barbie And Ellie Spring Break online
Barbie And Ellie Spring Break
Game Selena Gomez Perfect Teeth online
Selena Gomez Perfect Teeth
Game New York taxi parking online
New York taxi parking
Game Crane simulator online
Crane simulator
Game Cat Breeder 2 online
Cat Breeder 2
Game Cute Jumbo Care online
Cute Jumbo Care
Game The Baby Care online
The Baby Care
Game Stray Kitten caring online
Stray Kitten caring
Game The market online
The market
Game Frozen Anna classroom cleanup online
Frozen Anna classroom cleanup
Game Bowling online
Game Kingdom wars online
Kingdom wars
Game Double baby shower online
Double baby shower
Game Viking Wedding online
Viking Wedding
Game Elliv island online
Elliv island
Game Daily life online
Daily life
Game Smart Mantis online
Smart Mantis
Game Summer Camp Slacking online
Summer Camp Slacking
Game Baby Lulu - sand fun online
Baby Lulu - sand fun
Game Recess hide-and-seek online
Recess hide-and-seek
Game Princess makeover salon online
Princess makeover salon
Game Baffatron online
Game Simulator homeless online
Simulator homeless
Game Fiona's Funny Friday online
Fiona's Funny Friday
Game what is up  online
what is up
Game Wiggi Taxi online
Wiggi Taxi
Game Skilled Parker 2 online
Skilled Parker 2
Game Dora - fun bathing online
Dora - fun bathing
Game Baby Elsa bathing online
Baby Elsa bathing
Game Baby Elsa day care online
Baby Elsa day care
Game Cinderella house makeover online
Cinderella house makeover
Game Hello Kitty: hide and seek online
Hello Kitty: hide and seek
Game Design your manga dress online
Design your manga dress
Game Sue The Hairdresser online
Sue The Hairdresser
Game My island online
My island
Game Janes Hotel Mania online
Janes Hotel Mania
Game Papa's Pancakeria online
Papa's Pancakeria
Game The Dress Shop  online
The Dress Shop
Game Bay Restaurant online
Bay Restaurant
Game Kids bike wash online
Kids bike wash
Game Dora in the eye clinic online
Dora in the eye clinic
Game Bed and Breakfast -2 online
Bed and Breakfast -2
Game Sweet Wedding Cake online
Sweet Wedding Cake
Game Pou day care online
Pou day care
Game Washing dolls online
Washing dolls
Game Jane's hotel online
Jane's hotel
Game Princess make up online
Princess make up
Game Superhero slacking online
Superhero slacking
Game First aid: shellfish Allergy online
First aid: shellfish Allergy
Game Quarterback Shallence online
Quarterback Shallence
Game Dress Up Shop Spring Collection online
Dress Up Shop Spring Collection
Game Frog Cupcakes online
Frog Cupcakes
Game Classroom Flirting online
Classroom Flirting
Game Restaurant Slacking online
Restaurant Slacking
Game Innkeeper online
Game Catfish Fry online
Catfish Fry
Game Baby Hair Salon Spa online
Baby Hair Salon Spa
Game Baby Valentine online
Baby Valentine
Game Back to school online
Back to school
Game Snow White baby shower online
Snow White baby shower
Game Racing car wash online
Racing car wash
Game Dwarf village online
Dwarf village
Game Lake fishing online
Lake fishing
Game Hello Kitty laundry day online
Hello Kitty laundry day
Game Baby Anna picnic day online
Baby Anna picnic day
Game Road Hunter GT online
Road Hunter GT
Game Average Joe Noads online
Average Joe Noads
Game Hangman online
Game Woodman ball online
Woodman ball
Game Hello Kitty Roller Rescue online
Hello Kitty Roller Rescue
Game Such Creepos online
Such Creepos
Game Fab Tattoo Artist 2 online
Fab Tattoo Artist 2
Game Panda Care online
Panda Care
Game Too Cool For School online
Too Cool For School
Game Magic Babies online
Magic Babies
Game Selena Gomez Fan Room Decoration online
Selena Gomez Fan Room Decoration
Game Shopping corner online
Shopping corner
Game BBQ Chicken Sandwich online
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Game Jasmin`s world online
Jasmin`s world
Game Choose Your Pus online
Choose Your Pus
Game Code monkey tycoon online
Code monkey tycoon
Game Sim Girl (b 2.0) online
Sim Girl (b 2.0)
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Many people are constantly asking themselves the question, beginning with the words, "What if ...?"Indeed, where would lead our lives, if we have done in other departments.Or if got another job.Or if we met other friends.Or another wife.Such issues can be very much, but real life does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.But life simulator games allow you to at least partially answer this question.The game of this genre, with his head into a player in its own special virtual world where the player is allowed to do any daily ordinary things, with his character: to communicate, make new friends, build a house, buy a car and much more.Usually these games are endless.If in real life you can not say "stop" and start over, the simulation of life it can be done any number of times, living my virtual life in a new way.Thus, playing the games, you can see what would happen if you choose one direction in life, and what would happen if you choose another.As you know, a person can do anything.For example, a person can start building his cottage in the country, or start doing in the gym.At the same time, the same person can quit your job and stay home.Only person from taking action in the present depends, what would be his future.And game simulator life help to understand it best.In these simulations, you can dazzle the world the way you want it.These games can focus on the biological aspect of life, and the social.If the first game allow experimenting with genetics of living beings, to simulate the evolution or the ecological system, the latter is based on social interaction between people - their work, and communication.One of the most popular games of the genre "life simulator" is a game The Sims.Its popularity is so great that it has recently recognized the best selling game in the history of the computer industry!The meaning of this game is that you can manage your family.It may consist of eight.You can create yourself, or choose from a list.You can buy for a family house, furnish it as you wish.For each family member, you can create your own career and establish a relationship between each member of the family.The main characters of the game may think, remember, a diet ... So do all the things that we do in real life!