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Snooker is a kind of popular games such as billiards.It has a marked contrast to the other versions of this board game, so snooker is often called separate from the pool overlooking the game.Especially noticeable differences when compared with eight snooker or Russian billiards.Snooker rules more difficult, but it just adds a new features and elements of strategy.The fact is that in the usual billiards you can win if you know how to score balls into the pocket.But in snooker this may not be enough.So it is called billiards for intellectuals.In addition to the ability to score snooker balls in the pocket, you need to have good tactics and strategy.All the actions in this game need to count to several steps ahead.Only the tactics with beautiful technique pocketing balls, allowing the player to win in this game.However, many people want to practice only in tactical schemes.For such people, as well as for those who want to get acquainted with the world of snooker, snooker online games created in which you can play on our site.It can be played with computer bots and real players.Of course, the tactical moves real player count much more complex than a computer, and even more fun to compete with real player, Sanchez Computer-bot.In our country, not the most popular snooker, because, according to tradition, we play Russian billiards.Snooker is quite popular in a country such as Britain.In fact, in this country and it came up.Despite this, in Russia there are also more and more new fans of this fun.We have already said that snooker is not just the ability to manage one score balls.For this reason it is necessary to know all the details of snooker before starting the game.Note that in snooker uses red balls, six colored balls and one white ball.If for every goal the ball in red you will get only one point, over the yellow ball for two points, and green - the three points.For an abandoned ball brown you get four points for a blue ball - five points for the pink ball - six points, and a black ball will bring you seven points!White ball can only be used for attacks on other spheres.For one series can dial 147 points.This is the maximum number of points.You can quickly learn all the intricacies of this game only if you regularly practice.To do this, go to our website, where you can play this great game!

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