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In 2006 was born the great cartoon called "Cars."Has established his studio Pixar animated film, which gave us such famous cartoons as "Toy Story," "Monsters, Inc.," "Finding Nemo," "The Incredibles," "WALL-E," "Ratatouille," "Up", "Brave heart "and many others.These cartoons, as well as "Cars" has gained enormous popularity and are seen by millions of people in theaters, on DVD or on TV.This is a wonderful creation like growns and children.Many people would like to meet again with the heroes of this wonderful animated film "Cars".Our site gives you the opportunity, because we have, you can play games cars Makvin created based on this cartoon.With these games, you can once again get those wonderful emotions that gave you a cartoon.However, now get them from the game.As you know, the main character of the cartoon was the Lightning Makvin.This brash newcomer motorsport, who, despite his young age, has won all the races in the old-timers of the sport.However, the climb to the top is not that difficult.It is much harder to keep it.And, in love with himself Makvinu fate tossed a number of difficulties related not only to the races.Will it have it to overcome these difficulties?While watching the cartoon you will find the answer to this question.You can also get it if you play in a wheelbarrow Makvin games on our site.For the most part, these games are racing.This is not surprising, because the race is one of the most popular game genres.The game is so popular as a genre based on the popular cartoon - this is doubly exciting and doubly interesting!Help Lightning Makvinu climb to the highest step of the podium in motor sport!However, there are not only race featuring characters from the animated film "Cars".There is also a coloring for the youngest visitors of our website, where you can paint the characters animated film.In addition to the main character Lightning Makvina in games can be found and many other characters in this cartoon.Among them are Ramon, and Doc Hudson, and Luigi, and Sally, and other characters are in the movie a lot.If you decide to play in the race, you can choose any of them, and managed to motor road, overtaking other participants in advance.Of course, most often choose Makvina Lightning, but you can show originality and win the race, playing for Doc Hudson, or, for example, Sally.Up to you!

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