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Game Little Cat Doctor  online
Little Cat Doctor
Game Pony Dress Up  online
Pony Dress Up
Game My Pet Clinic  online
My Pet Clinic
Game My Cute Dog Bathing  online
My Cute Dog Bathing
Game Zebra Caring  online
Zebra Caring
Game Kitty Care and Grooming  online
Kitty Care and Grooming
Game Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake  online
Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake
Game Gertrudes  online
Game My Fairytale Deer  online
My Fairytale Deer
Game My Fairytale Water Horse  online
My Fairytale Water Horse
Game Happy Panda  online
Happy Panda
Game Stray Dog Care  online
Stray Dog Care
Game My Pocket Pets Kitty Cat  online
My Pocket Pets Kitty Cat
Game Princess Pet Studio  online
Princess Pet Studio
Game Happy Koala  online
Happy Koala
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Games Animal care

Game Puppy Perfect Makeover online
Puppy Perfect Makeover
Game Cute Farm Hospital online
Cute Farm Hospital
Game Pet Care online
Pet Care
Game Blues Checkup online
Blues Checkup
Game Handed Play rhinos online
Handed Play rhinos
Game Lisa Loves Toto online
Lisa Loves Toto
Game Horsecare Apprenticeships online
Horsecare Apprenticeships
Game Pet Salon online
Pet Salon
Game Puppy Center Caring Game online
Puppy Center Caring Game
Game My Dear Pony online
My Dear Pony
Game Amazing Farm online
Amazing Farm
Game Kids Play Park online
Kids Play Park
Game Pets Beauty Salon 2 online
Pets Beauty Salon 2
Game Pet Caring online
Pet Caring
Game My Sweet Cat online
My Sweet Cat
Game Hardworking Housewife online
Hardworking Housewife
Game Pug Care online
Pug Care
Game Fluffy Poodle online
Fluffy Poodle
Game My new room 3 online
My new room 3
Game Jumbo Party Makeover online
Jumbo Party Makeover
Game My Sweet Kitten online
My Sweet Kitten
Game Lovely Pony Bella online
Lovely Pony Bella
Game Sweet Humster online
Sweet Humster
Game Dress Up Shop online
Dress Up Shop
Game Flower Girl - Ring Bearer online
Flower Girl - Ring Bearer
Game Fun with Farm Animals online
Fun with Farm Animals
Game Karate Monkey online
Karate Monkey
Game Farm Mania 2 online
Farm Mania 2
Game Dog Expo online
Dog Expo
Game Baby Piggy Care online
Baby Piggy Care
Game Pet Shop Caring online
Pet Shop Caring
Game Fish Care Rush online
Fish Care Rush
Game My horse farm online
My horse farm
Game Sweet Hamster online
Sweet Hamster
Game Farm frenzy 2 online
Farm frenzy 2
Game Pony Farmer online
Pony Farmer
Game Puppy Groomer online
Puppy Groomer
Game Real Pony Dress Up  online
Real Pony Dress Up
Game Rosie with her pony online
Rosie with her pony
Game Gone to the dogs online
Gone to the dogs
Game Polly pets care online
Polly pets care
Game My Pretty Pussycat online
My Pretty Pussycat
Game Puppy Pet Care online
Puppy Pet Care
Game Cute Puppy Daycare online
Cute Puppy Daycare
Game Dora On The Unicorn King online
Dora On The Unicorn King
Game My tiger online
My tiger
Game My Funny Ape online
My Funny Ape
Game My Sweet Dog online
My Sweet Dog
Game Unicorn Herd online
Unicorn Herd
Game Talking Ginger At The Doctor  online
Talking Ginger At The Doctor
Game dora care baby bears online
dora care baby bears
Game Carina Carol cute pony online
Carina Carol cute pony
Game Baby Dino - Spa and care online
Baby Dino - Spa and care
Game Cute Puppy Care online
Cute Puppy Care
Game Farm Time online
Farm Time
Game Doli Dog Daycare online
Doli Dog Daycare
Game Princess Pet Salon online
Princess Pet Salon
Game Vivian's Cute Pets online
Vivian's Cute Pets
Game Unicorn care online
Unicorn care
Game Zoo Heaven online
Zoo Heaven
Game Puppy Lover online
Puppy Lover
Game Cute pet hospital online
Cute pet hospital
Game My Dog New Home online
My Dog New Home
Game Pet Care game online
Pet Care game
Game Squirrel Care online
Squirrel Care
Game Cute Pet Hospital online
Cute Pet Hospital
Game Oceanpark Manager online
Oceanpark Manager
Game Pampered Dog Salon online
Pampered Dog Salon
Game Конский волос online
Конский волос
Game Zoo Frenzy online
Zoo Frenzy
Game Pet Piggy online
Pet Piggy
Game Hamster Love online
Hamster Love
Game Frenzy animal clinic online
Frenzy animal clinic
Game Pony care 2 online
Pony care 2
Game Watzit grooming online
Watzit grooming
Game Caring for Teddy online
Caring for Teddy
Game My Cute Pets online
My Cute Pets
Game Baby Zoo Hospital online
Baby Zoo Hospital
Game Mama Dog online
Mama Dog
Game Ranch Clean Up online
Ranch Clean Up
Game About Cat  online
About Cat
Game Parrot Care online
Parrot Care
Game Baby Animal Costumes online
Baby Animal Costumes
Game Messy Talikng Tom online
Messy Talikng Tom
Game Mi and my donkey online
Mi and my donkey
Game Pet Spa Salon Safari online
Pet Spa Salon Safari
Game Talking Ginger online
Talking Ginger
Game Pet Beauty Salon 2 online
Pet Beauty Salon 2
Game Dr. Daisy Pet Vet online
Dr. Daisy Pet Vet
Game Dragon Care online
Dragon Care
Game Farm frenzy - 3, ice age online
Farm frenzy - 3, ice age
Game My cute pets 2 online
My cute pets 2
Game Hamster Daycare online
Hamster Daycare
Game Jurassic Baby Care online
Jurassic Baby Care
Game Animal Rescue online
Animal Rescue
Game Baby Pony Bath online
Baby Pony Bath
Game Dora pets care online
Dora pets care
Game Caring Cat Owner online
Caring Cat Owner
Game My sweet pony online
My sweet pony
Game My brave horse online
My brave horse
Game Zoo Heaven Game online
Zoo Heaven Game
Game Tessa's new pet online
Tessa's new pet
Game Barbie Pet Doctor online
Barbie Pet Doctor
Game Peppa Pig Care online
Peppa Pig Care
Game Pets  online
Game Sisi at the cat show online
Sisi at the cat show
Game My little pegasus online
My little pegasus
Game Baby Hazel pet care online
Baby Hazel pet care
Game Pet grooming studio online
Pet grooming studio
Game Horses and Ballons online
Horses and Ballons
Game Zoo clean up online
Zoo clean up
Game My new year gift online
My new year gift
Game My Cute Pony Day Care online
My Cute Pony Day Care
Game My Sweet Dog 2 online
My Sweet Dog 2
Game Hamster Blue Lagoon online
Hamster Blue Lagoon
Game Toto's Tea Party online
Toto's Tea Party
Game Cure My Baby Animals online
Cure My Baby Animals
Game Kitty princess hair salon online
Kitty princess hair salon
Game Kitty to be online
Kitty to be
Game Ponny club online
Ponny club
Game Gecko Care online
Gecko Care
Game My Gorgeous Dragon online
My Gorgeous Dragon
Game Aven cattle online
Aven cattle
Game Puppy Star Doghouse online
Puppy Star Doghouse
Game Baby Dino Daycare online
Baby Dino Daycare
Game My New Year Gift online
My New Year Gift
Game Pretty Pony Day Care online
Pretty Pony Day Care
Game Stray Kitten caring online
Stray Kitten caring
Game Arctic foxes online
Arctic foxes
Game Persian cat online
Persian cat
Game Cute Jumbo Care online
Cute Jumbo Care
Game Pony spa day online
Pony spa day
Game Guinea pig needs owner online
Guinea pig needs owner
Game Dolphin Care  online
Dolphin Care
Game Cat Breeder 2 online
Cat Breeder 2
Game Kitten quest online
Kitten quest
Game Cutie Pet Care online
Cutie Pet Care
Game My cute pets online
My cute pets
Game Advertising Star online
Advertising Star
Game My Cat New Home online
My Cat New Home
Game Pet-grooming Studio online
Pet-grooming Studio
Game Pony Cleaning online
Pony Cleaning
Game My Cat New Home online
My Cat New Home
Game Rapunzel slacking online
Rapunzel slacking
Game Swoopa online
Game Caring for Unicorns online
Caring for Unicorns
Game Shop N Dress Path Sketching online
Shop N Dress Path Sketching
Game Turtle Care online
Turtle Care
Game My Glamour Pet online
My Glamour Pet
Game Pet Grooming Game online
Pet Grooming Game
Game Pony makeover hair salon online
Pony makeover hair salon
Game Dirty Monsters online
Dirty Monsters
Game Talking Ginger Head Injury online
Talking Ginger Head Injury
Game Tom Cat Shaving online
Tom Cat Shaving
Game Doc McStuffins Fixing Lambi online
Doc McStuffins Fixing Lambi
Game Pet Daycare Decoration online
Pet Daycare Decoration
Game Dora Care Baby Crocodile online
Dora Care Baby Crocodile
Game Dora care baby crocodile online
Dora care baby crocodile
Game HexFarm online
Game We love your pet, vet set go online
We love your pet, vet set go
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As a child, everyone dreams to have a pet.Each child would like to feel like the master of a kitten or a puppy, I would like to take care of them, feed him, play with him.But not everyone has the opportunity to get a real life pet.If a child has a desire to have a pet, but there are no opportunities.I felt like the master of any furry pet online games to help him care for the animals.Now there is a huge amount of space games of this kind.They are very diverse in content.Large selection of animals will allow each child to choose an animal that he likes it.These can be any pet, which can be found in modern apartments.Cats, dogs, rabbits.These animals are different breeds.They are quite realistic.In general, games for girls with animals is very colorful, with a nice interface and music.In addition, they can not only get the standard pets and exotic animals.Quite often, the girls, such as horses.In these games, they can easily find yourself any horse.Can take care of them, walk, feed, and even send to the races.Games about animals online is a good opportunity to show your child that is to have a pet, so he knew it was a certain responsibility.He will try to take care of virtual pets and understand whether cope with real animals in real life.Games about animals and for girls it is instructive and fun.These games are simple to operate and are available for every child.They can choose any liked beast and become its master.Virtual pet requires the same care as real, so the player has an incentive to responsibly take care of him, feed, play, heal, train, etc.§That is to do all that is necessary and normal animals.If you want to find yourself a virtual pet, choose a game for girls about animals.You can choose any animal of your choice.This can be like a kitten or a puppy, and any other animal of your choice.Virtual animals requires no less love and care than real.Getting away from you due attention and care, it will also respond to you with love and guarantees you a good mood.Sign a virtual pet, and feel like the master of the coveted pet.It will please you and give you positive emotions.