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Feel a great admiral, commander of a powerful fleet and destroyer of enemy armies can be in one of the many computer variations on the classic naval combat.Once for this game using a pen and a piece of paper, it is now run in the web browser.But very often these tech transformation does not affect the essence of the rules and the game itself.Front of each player is a box divided by a certain number of squares.They can place their ships.Each fleet has a clearly defined court - they differ from each other in size.The largest can be placed on the five squares, and small - in two.When all the boats on display in the field, begins firing.Each player tries to target any particular cell, but he did not see the opponent and therefore often misses - if the ship is not on the target cell, the shot goes right to the enemy, and perhaps he will be more successful, to guess the location of vessels and undermine them.When a projectile hits a square with a ship that is injured, destroyed if only part of it.Explode when all cells, which is the ship, he is destroyed.Then the shooter gets an extra turn to continue to destroy the Hulk, or try to get to the other ships.The one who will blow all the enemy ships.Play Battleship online can be against a computer program or a two-player mode against a friend.Often mini-games offer a much simplified scenario of the sea battle.For example, the player controls only one ship.It moves in a limited area of ​​the ocean and shoot at other ships stranded in the area.In this case, you need to learn to fall into enemy dodges and most avoid encounters with enemy projectiles.Sea battle can be played online with beautiful graphics, clearly sending ships and seascapes.Or with funny cartoon pictures and fantastic characters.Even the classic game with two fields offered in different versions - this can be a schematic display of the ships, or even a detailed map of the icebergs floating by, colorful, loud explosion or conditional take away the boat from the field after being hit.Online games sea battle sometimes offer adventure rpg - ships do not stand in one place and explore the seas, find enemies and join with them in a fierce battle.Online games Battleship available in this section of the site.Arrange your ships on the battlefield, filled their gun powder, cook the core.You choose the appropriate tactics and scatter the enemy fleet in the chips.

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