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"Horns and hooves" - a family comedy animated film, which was released in 2006.The main character was so colorful cartoon character that based on the movie were created flash games.Therefore, if you will have a desire, horns and hooves to play for free on our website.In the comedy "Horns and hooves," the main character is cheerful and carefree bull named Otis.Feature of the cartoon is that the main characters - pets - hide from people that they know how to talk and walk like humans.Cartoon heroes live on the farm, so they have to lead a double life, hiding the truth from everyone, including old master's farm.All the animals on the farm manages old bull Ben, who concurrently is the father of Otis, and mule-aged humorist named Miles.As for Otis, he prefers to fool around with his gang, which includes his friends: Freddy the ferret, mouse Pip, cock Baek and Pig.However, soon the carefree days are when the gang of coyotes led Degom attack on a farm and kill Ben.Now led farm is Otis, which is necessary to support industry, Daegu revenge and build a relationship with a cute cow, Daisy.Due to the special way of Otis, he became a hero to many flash games.Begin, perhaps, is to games released in support of the cartoon.One of them is dedicated to the popular West Halloween.As you know, on All Saints Day hereafter come into contact with our world.But more importantly, this day all suddenly remembered about his love for sweets and start collecting candy.So the game will have Otis try to gather as much candy.True, they are not just on the farm.They have to literally beat out of haystacks, crates and special halloween.If at first the process is simple enough, soon on the way Otis appear very strong obstacles that have to jump, or wasting precious time on their destruction.However, over time, will have to watch closely, as it has come to an end.What is interesting, the collection is filled with sweets a special school.Once it reaches its peak, Otis falls into a frenzy and candy will crush everything in their path.This certainly makes the levels progress easier.In addition, sometimes the path will fall hourglass, which increase the time allowed for collecting candy.In another game Otis ride on his beloved motorcycle.The main goal is to pass the level.However, on the way Otis will appear different obstacles: the pits, potholes, road signs and jumps.And vile coyotes will dump trash from his truck.