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Game Shoot Bell online
Shoot Bell
Game Coconut Balls online
Coconut Balls
Game Barbarian online
Game Bot Arena 2 online
Bot Arena 2
Game Chrono Pilot online
Chrono Pilot
Game Podz online
Game Golden Duel online
Golden Duel
Game Contra online
Game Black hole online
Black hole
Game Danmaku Legend II online
Danmaku Legend II
Game River Raid online
River Raid
Game Crossfire online
Game Rise of the cowboy online
Rise of the cowboy
Game Ballistica online
Game Tough Life Gangland online
Tough Life Gangland
Game Avalancher online
Game zombie book  online
zombie book
Game Let the bullets fly: New Year online
Let the bullets fly: New Year
Game Timeless hero online
Timeless hero
Game Deadshot online
Game Spongebob Party online
Spongebob Party
Game Guerrilla Warfare: The Sequel  online
Guerrilla Warfare: The Sequel
Game Guerrilla War Unlimited online
Guerrilla War Unlimited
Game Heavy Legion online
Heavy Legion
Game Zomboids challenge  online
Zomboids challenge 
Game Forward to the past  online
Forward to the past
Game Alien Attack Team online
Alien Attack Team
Game Intruder: Combat Training 2 online
Intruder: Combat Training 2
Game Fanboy and Chum Chum Frosty Freeze Ball Fight online
Fanboy and Chum Chum Frosty Freeze Ball Fight
Game Doraemon Ice Shoot online
Doraemon Ice Shoot
Game Zomboids challenge online
Zomboids challenge
Game Ryona bowman 2 online
Ryona bowman 2
Game Pirates of the Caribbean: The sea battle online
Pirates of the Caribbean: The sea battle
Game Pixel Warfare online
Pixel Warfare
Game Harry Potter: war wizards online
Harry Potter: war wizards
Game Prince And Princess Shoot Zombie online
Prince And Princess Shoot Zombie
Game Gun fight online
Gun fight
Game Attack Big Head Bill online
Attack Big Head Bill
Game Zaz Shooter online
Zaz Shooter
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Shooters are a popular genre of flash games.The opportunity to play them together makes them doubly popular.That's why on our site in this section you can find the best games for two shooters.As you know, shooters are the genres in which the gameplay takes place at high speed, and game events are growing rapidly.This is especially true for a series of games called "2112 Cooperation".The game's plot is developed into several chapters, each of which is a separate game.What's interesting, to play these games can be together.The game's plot tells the story of a certain corporation that conducts dangerous experiments in biology in order to implement their evil plans.Therefore, a team consisting of a guy and a girl decides to get on base, to learn about the plans and stop them, stole a biological material.Game, the process has a unique specificity.Thus, the passing game may alone or in co-op.In the latter case, the game screen is divided into two parts.The first player can interact with only the left half of the screen, and the second - only on the right.In fact it creates a very interesting gameplay.The fact that the events on the screen very quickly.The player's goal by sight interact with objects on the screen (such as locks, enter the combination) or to shoot at enemies.Moreover, sometimes there are times when you need to quickly open the gate.To do this, two players must quickly and without error in the press a few control points.If one player gets off to suffer both.After all, this game is not about one player, but about the team.Also, this game brings a new element of gameplay in the shooter game for two players.For example, in the first chapter of our fearless duo makes his way to the base.Naturally, on the way there the crowd of opponents.In addition, players shoot from a distance by snipers.In this case, the first player with a gun in his hand must eliminate near enemy, while the other player takes the role of a sniper.Thus, the life of both players will be dependent on each other.There is in this section, shooters, in which accuracy is important, not the speed of the reaction.This is especially true for a series of games of archery.The essence of the game is to survive in a battle with the other archers, run by the second player.Players are at some distance from each other.So you need a good aim to hit the arrow exactly in the player, not flown by or landed on the obstacles.Competition with live player makes a match more interesting.Thus, a two-player shooter, presented on our site will help to have fun in the company of a friend or girlfriend.