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Monopoly Money Wars
Game Monopoly money wars online
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Fans of the economic strategy of "Monopoly", can now satisfy their entrepreneurial inclinations in a computerized version.This game appeared in 1934 under the authorship of Charles Derroula.Initially it refused to publish because of the numerous errors in design, but when Charles on his assets released the first batch of five thousand copies, and the game quickly sold out among the customers, the company Parker Brothers decided to take up its further publication.Monopoly was a popular game, and she has a high demand.Perhaps this explains the relevance of the Great Depression, which was marked by the historical period in America, but as it was not there, the strategy is not lost popularity and in our days.More than that - it was known in Soviet times, and now held by it even global championships, where the prizes are paid in the form of monetary compensation.The game is played by two or more players.The aim of Monopoly - bankrupt rivals and become the owner of all businesses.The playing field looks like a square, divided by the event and those with assets in the form of valuable things and businesses.Players make progress at a time and go through all the squares around.Available number of moves is determined by throwing dice, and the precipitate indicator provides a right to travel.And one step - this one square on the board.Now you can play Monopoly online on virtually any digital medium - mobile phones, gaming consoles and PCs.Looking for partners for the economic strategy also became much easier - anyone even on the opposite side of the planet can be connected to the process and make your competition.And if you want to fight with a computer can easily choose his partner.Experienced players will immediately recognize that online Monopoly save the original rules and quickly adapt to a new way of gameplay.For beginners, it will be interesting to learn about them briefly before they learn the fundamentals.Once on the site with a free asset, the player can buy it.If he already has an owner, you have to pay for the right to stay on it until the next turn.Staying at the site of action, it is necessary to examine instructions and act upon them.Sometimes you need to move to another field, to get the right additional stroke or vice versa - check '.This may be a requirement to give the funds to the bank, or get them from him.In the assets of different branches located at several companies.If an enterprise of the type of economy, they are marked with the same color and are located next to each other.Having seized the assets of a single economic area, you become a monopoly and increase your financial status, therefore, try to buy up all the cards as possible with companies of one direction and monopolize the industry.But this is still a long way since the beginning of the game you have a very modest capital and you have access to cheap assets.When your profits start rolling in, you will be able to buy more expensive enterprise.One way to make money is a tax for staying in your territory of another player.Play monopoly online gives advantages and compares favorably with the cardboard version.You will not lose cards with chips, and always easy to be able to open the game, if you have it saved as a bookmark.Economists recommend the game to beginners in the business as a textbook, and we wish you a financial victory.