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Sometimes there are extraordinary personalities that affect their ideas and infect their other, creating a whole new trend, movement and philosophy.It is to such an idea is parkour, which for many has become a philosophy of life.The essence of Parkour is to overcome various obstacles while driving.As obstacles can be anything - trees, walls, fences, houses, railings, banisters, etc., or a specially built structure.The basis of parkour incorporated a number of disciplines, which should have everyone who decided to devote himself to this task.Lifting and climbing help acquire the necessary skills in the physical layer.Education fortitude to overcome personal fears, the harmony of body and soul, will power - all are reminiscent of yoga exercises, but is a prerequisite for success.Even the diet is important, and if no special diet, no exercise will not take success.Thought leaders of this movement are Sebastien Foucan and David Belle.Motto, voiced by David Bell and followed by all the tracers (people who practice parkour), is: "There is no limit, there are only obstacles."Thus, to overcome any obstacles they use only their own body, which is able to hold the correct position in space so that disappears any risk of injury.Moreover, the basic concepts that are fundamental to parkour - is simplicity, efficiency, and safety.Anything that does not fit into these ideas, not parkour.To overcome obstacles tracer is important the ability to properly assess the situation, the possibilities and the response rate.It may seem that the tracers compete with each other, but this is an illusion, because the rivalry and ostentatious contradict the main principles of parkour.To evaluate all the possibilities of this direction, offers you a parkour game.As one of the tracers in different games, you can overcome all obstacles.Even if it seems that it is impossible to go through this area, and the wall looks completely smooth and high, just work out, and soon they will seem impassable.When there is an experience, each small pit and projection will be steps to climb.Although this trend and denies chasing adrenaline, online games Parkour involuntarily calling.In fact, parkour - is the ability to move freely and cleverly in any space.It can be indoors or city streets.In fact, the whole world becomes a training ground, and everyone can learn, not to build their borders and to find ways to overcome obstacles.This philosophy will be available to you when you start playing the game parkour.Some versions of the game show theater, spectacular jumps and somersaults.This is a sort of offshoot of the classic Parkour and Freerunning called it.It was created by Sebastien Foucan, when separated from Bell.Freerunning is the essence of the show to overcome obstacles more spectacular and beautiful, albeit at the expense of practicality.It is this spectacle, Freerunning became commercialized and it became massively used in music videos, films and commercials.Flash game about parkour combine both directions and sometimes difficult to distinguish one from the other.But it only gives The plot and attracts attention.Unlike the classic parkour, our task to see the beauty of action and vivid ways to overcome obstacles.

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