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Can you call a pet pony?If you live in a large private house and you have a pony, so why not?Pony - a small horse who love to interact with kids and can be gentle as kittens.Of course, they will not purr, but can in their own way to express the joy of meeting.They gladly substituted snout to their pat themselves rub against the owner, snorting and uttering joyful sounds.Their favorite food - carrot, and if they treat every time they met, they would be happy to have to roll on itself, like a big horse.Despite its small size, they remain proud animals and if offended, then cry for real.But if you like a pony and show him your feelings, they'll tell you the same, and will be true to life.They are often found in the park, which offers pony rides, and are always present on the carousel pony figurines, which are extremely popular.We offer you computer games pony, which you can find very different and interesting stories.Most often it is a fabulous horse, which fly in the clouds and live on a rainbow.That is why they are all different colors, and many love to adorn themselves with gold, silver hooves and mane weave in bright ribbons.You can take an active part in the transformation of the pony to your liking.Apply it on your favorite color, comb the bangs and pigtails plait on mane.Shiny hair clips, bows and beads further decorate ponies, and if put on his body image, it converts more.Games for girls pony - is good and cute game.They can fly to the rainbow and enjoy the story.And, you can take part in the race for speed and compete for the title of the fastest racer.Game of puzzles seem gratifying - they will not only collect a lot of colorful pictures and find out what they depict, but potreniruetes its logic and attentiveness.To learn how to put a piece of tile, make sure it lines and shades of the color palette.Such participation will entice you for a long time and a little practice, you will soon be able to navigate and collect puzzles faster.Coloring Games - an integral theme for such nice and fantastic games.Funny pictures are in black and white, but little pony love life colorful.They are very resilient animals, and so happy to serve as models for your artistic imagination.Find the differences in the pictures, too, will be a useful exercise.Against the background of the same images still have a small difference, and your job is to find it.In another version of the pictures will be placed extra items, letters or numbers that you also have to discover.Snow Pony language will catch snowflakes, and you must help him to meet in the interim period and catch the required number of snowflakes.More you get to know the magic ponies that have become smaller and such nice, unicorns.Playing with ponies, you will find games dress up in clothes which will pick up your pet for everything you need to find a house and settle his playground.Pony loves to jump and run.Make sure that he had a lot of space, but do not forget the bowl with the delicious food, water bowl and toys: balls, barriers and other things.And if you want to earn a postman, pony gladly take care of it with you, delivering you at the time.

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