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Who among grown women now have not played as a child in a princess?It is not even about theatrical productions, and the everyday life when your favorite way to imagination and games for girls was the status of the princess.Paper crown, magic wand, pencil, long elegant mother's dress and makeup from her makeup kit, brooches, hair clips, and corporate, arrogant regal look.Today, these girls are grown up daughters educate themselves and watch as the "blue" blood is inherited, and now, in the new vengeance seethes princesses.Yeah - heredity does not hide!In modern princesses have an advantage, which was not in their mothers-queens - computer games for girls princess.Whereas previously a manner befitting the aristocracy had to learn, guided movies and cartoons with princesses, but now the Internet has opened a whole school training aristocratic manners.First of all, take care of a decent palace, which is not ashamed to take dignitaries.Select to the lush interior of their homes, which includes even the smallest details.Do not forget flooring, curtains, wallpaper color for the walls, ceiling lamps and small lamps.Determine the style of future furniture and arrange it so that it was cozy and nice.The picture above the fireplace, rug, cushion chairs, lovely vases of flowers and statues are just those little things that create comfort and integrity of the interior.Now that you have a place to live, pay attention to your outfit.Besides the dress is, you can remeasure many treasures, including the options and crowns.Often force princesses held in high towers dragons or witches.This terrible fate did not pass many of royalty, and you are no exception.One hope for the knights and princes, who are obliged to rescue princesses.It is their work that they put on the circumstances crowned position.Usually there is no limit parental joy when their children decide to get married.But there are unique cases of misunderstanding, and then there is no choice but to escape.That is what made the young people in one of the games.Reigning father did not expect such insolence from his son, and sent after the fugitives chase to the one to catch them and returned to the fold.But the path of love was long and thorny, no wonder that they were hungry and ate some berries in the forest.Berries were not simple, but very magical, and gave a couple of magical gift.That's just we do not recommend that you try very unfamiliar berries and, especially, have their unwashed.Fleeing from the chase and backed berries, you'll pass the level by level, until you pass the whole game.Games for girls princess did not forget about the famous princesses.They, of course, are not as famous as your highness, but also deserve attention.Rapunzel, Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, Mulan, Cinderella, Belle, and other beauties are ready to try on clothes, look for items that arise in the puzzles, to take part in the competition for the best make-up, walk labyrinths to be colored in coloring and solve many puzzles.And to prove their right to happiness, they are willing to kiss all the frogs and monsters, in the hope of at least one spell of Prince.Oh, and the same hard fate turns the princess!Without a moment of rest and relaxation.It should dress up ponaryadnee as you already nabbed a dragon or another frog lips drawn to kiss.Playing games for girls princess, get the Wisdom prekrasavitsami.

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