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The red-haired beauty mermaid Ariel has long been the embodiment of the romantic image of sea creatures.In 1989, Walt Disney Studios filmed history H.H.Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" and the kids quickly took it created for artists, writers and directors not only the image of the main character, and her friends.Fairy story came so harmonious, easy, and fun that growns, too, with pleasure watching this colorful and musical animated film.I sociable and curious Ariel lot of friends, but there are enemies.There will always be envious that want to spoil the life and destroy what value that so much vulnerable soul.When the mermaid found love and was able to go ashore, the evil witch Ursula decided to take the place of Ariel and go down the aisle with her beloved Prince Eric.But precisely because of the little mermaid had a good heart, her friends: Sebastian the crab, fish Flaunders, Skattl seagulls and other marine life, have left her in the lurch.However, as you should well know the story.But the real gift can be considered games mermaid Ariel, which make it possible not only to observe, but also to participate in the incredible adventures.In these games, other than those mentioned characters you meet Ariel's father - the king of the seas of Triton, and other denizens of the deep.Game is no less colorful than the cartoon, but the themes and genres invented much more.A romantic story with a kiss can not appeal to those who he is now quietly longing for the boy.And for the same kinda like the little mermaid, created the game to collect objects.As you know the scenario cartoon, Ariel liked to see things from sunken ships, but she did not understand what they are for.In some games at the bottom of scattered lights, steering wheels ship, gold jewelry and tableware, figurines and other items.Your task is to direct the Ariel so she gathered her collection.Your time is limited, and the way will come across obstacles that need to press down.Went to the tournament, you take part in the competition for the title.Can choose what you want to control - Ariel and her father Triton.Collecting starfish and shells, to destroy the enemy and type game points.Your skill and courage will be the key to victory in such a difficult match.In a similar, but at the same time different versions, you have to arrange the objects on the ground.First, consider and remember the original, and then drag in piles furniture, fish, crabs, plants, mermaids themselves in accordance with them.This is a peculiar game of memory, because we need to restore the original picture.Incredibly odevalok many games in which you will find clothes, appropriate subjects underwater kingdom.Decoration in the form of seashells, starfish, coral.Dresses too common with marine issues and therefore shiny scales should not surprise you.Makeup will become the finishing touch that emphasizes individuality and complete the transformation.Ariel Little Mermaid game - it is also a coloring, which is also very much.Remember what colors used by the artist to create an image and restore the image of heroes.Or release the imagination and come up with your own version.Puzzle games - an exciting puzzle game where you have to gather some mosaic pieces in a single picture.You will find puzzles of different difficulty levels and you can choose the one that appeals to you.A game to find differences between pictures like inquisitive natures and not looking for easy ways.

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