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Russian pool - one of the most common types of luznoy game, also called a pyramid.It is based on several types of billiard games, and to the process and equipment meet a number of requirements.This is just a rare case when a sports game at the same time is considered and intelligent.Like any sport, it requires a player to delay, focus, strength of character, the ability to take a punch worthy of a losing and no less worthy of winning.To her intelligent features include the ability to calculate the angle and force of impact, predict the trajectory of the ball and predict the next location of the other balls on the table.Learn to play pool can not be late.Start at any age, you will continue to sharpen their skills, bringing it to perfection.In this case it is not necessary to set high goals - can enjoy their pleasure.But if you want, try your hand at tournaments of different levels - regional and international.After talking a bit with the followers of the game, you will realize that it is the educated and intelligent people.With such popularity, it would be strange if the Russian pool does not appear in the computerized version.All amateurs and professionals can now evaluate the proposed options and to play Russian billiards online free.The game is played sixteen balls, and the first to win the game, you must throw eight balls into the pockets.The game does not have its balls, and each of them may be the impact.Making effective blow, which was in the pocket one or more balls, you get points on your account.In the game, and a system of fines.If the balls in the hole were filled in violation of the rules, or took them out of the closet as a penalty, to put on the table to the left side.For one violation of the rules imposed a fine in the form of a ball.However, if a player's account has not scored balls, then a penalty is forgiven.Playing in the online version of Russian billiards, set the time for a lot with a reserve.Otherwise, if you do not have time to complete the game at the scheduled time, regardless of the goals you and your opponent balls become a loser.There are many computer versions of the game, but particularly impressive and realistic view of the version in the volume graph, allowing the player to see the location of the balls on the table and adjust the angle of the cue from various angles.With the help of a computer mouse, you can adjust the force of impact, and the arrows on the keyboard will move you around the table.In favor of this version of Russian billiards are the facts into account all of the physical parameters that are present in a real game.Power sliding, friction, impact, tilt, and other characteristics are taken into account in the development of the game.Play Russian billiards is available online for free as real partners, and to measure themselves with the computer, but for beginners there is a training mode.The advantages of computer-based games can be attributed to devote themselves to the process at any time, without leaving home.You do not have to pay for the room and look for a company.And you can sharpen their skills in a realistic version of the game of Russian billiards.However, even the women and children may well enjoy the game from the comfort of home environment, and not to breathe tobacco smoke in crowded halls.Do not always have time to get out of the whirlpool of affairs and indulge his hobby, but if you have a computer at hand, you can always take a few minutes the game.We wish you a pleasant game and more victories!