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Playing with dolls - a favorite game girls.They dress them, put a toy crib, bottle fed and carriage are walking on the street.This is a simulation of child care is called Mothers and Daughters.Already at an early age in girls manifested craving for motherhood and love for children.It is in their genetics and passed from generation to generation.Due to this natural "programming" of humanity continues to live and multiply.Not long ago, playing with dolls were the only opportunity for the girls to show their leanings, but now the game care for babies will enrich the topic and presented in a variety of options.Of course, the dolls have not gone away from the children's room, but ceased to be the only ones who share leisure time with his owner.Moreover, now we do not have to beg my parents odezhku new furniture for dolls, as in computer-there is a variety that reality will never be compared with him.Playing games babysitting, girls can learn how to be a caring mother, to feel as babysitting, child nurses, a kindergarten and be a factory for the production of children.Small toddler so helpless that they need constant care and concern.They can not themselves go to pot, heat up some food, swim, walk on the street and go to her bed.All of this has to do for them mom.But because children do not know how to talk, and so can not say what they want.In real life, parents intuitively all the needs of the child, but as a game, the desire of the child will be displayed in a small cloud over their heads.If operated with a toddler is still possible, when a lot of them, you must be a real witch, to satisfy everyone.It is such a sorceress working in kindergartens and look after the children while their parents work in offices.It is necessary to keep up with all of the following that are not nimble kids has spread in all directions, in time to feed, give drink, put to bed and take a walk.In the face of nurse you will take care of one or several children.But, as you young girl, and you most want to flirt.While sporting a toddler in the sandbox, you can show off a bit, but do not forget that your main job - child care.Once you see that something wanted to immediately follow his wish.Each new level will allow you to improve the playground, to buy new toys and odezhku baby.Mothers also need to relax and spend time in person myself, so, at this time the child will be managed by a super dad.For him it is an unusual thing, so do not judge him severely, but watch out, better teach it to all the tricks of the parent post - remind him to wash his hands, boil kettle, change soiled diaper and throw in the trash, heat in the oven for baby milk and other duties .Surely you were wondering - where are the children?Then welcome to the factory where I work storks, and sorted baby boys and girls, then to get them real parents.Toddler moving on tape, and you, as an experienced stork should cook them a bottle, change a diaper, give a toy, buy and put to bed.Then, when all manipulations performed, the child will be happy to appear in her new family.Kids games for girls - this is a very exciting experience, which will show what happens in life when there is a new family, while still small, man.

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