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Game Military Capitalist  online
Military Capitalist
Game   online
Game City Building  online
City Building
Game Omnidirectional Rocket Horse  online
Omnidirectional Rocket Horse
Game online
Game Idle miners to the moon  online
Idle miners to the moon
Game Little Shop of Junk  online
Little Shop of Junk
Game   online
Game Bitcoin Miner Remastered  online
Bitcoin Miner Remastered
Game Portalethium  online
Game Churros Empire  online
Churros Empire
Game Rich in Space  online
Rich in Space
Game Truck Up!  online
Truck Up!
Game Princess Cat Nom Nom  online
Princess Cat Nom Nom
Game Money Clicker  online
Money Clicker
Game Asteroid Must Die!  online
Asteroid Must Die!

Games Economic strategies

Game Good Empire online
Good Empire
Game Food-Court online
Game iPlayer: My Lands online
iPlayer: My Lands
Game iPlayer Goodgame Empire  online
iPlayer Goodgame Empire
Game Strategy Defense 3.5 online
Strategy Defense 3.5
Game Resort empire online
Resort empire
Game Starcraft Flash 5 Tower Defence online
Starcraft Flash 5 Tower Defence
Game Papa's Cup Cakeria online
Papa's Cup Cakeria
Game Sports Heads: Football Championship online
Sports Heads: Football Championship
Game Farm Frenzy 2  online
Farm Frenzy 2
Game Railroad workers online
Railroad workers
Game Oceanpark Manager online
Oceanpark Manager
Game Town Engineer online
Town Engineer
Game Flower Shop online
Flower Shop
Game TShirt Stand online
TShirt Stand
Game Perfect Hair Hollywood Style online
Perfect Hair Hollywood Style
Game Tycoon Jones online
Tycoon Jones
Game Gracie's Fruteria online
Gracie's Fruteria
Game Industreal zone decor online
Industreal zone decor
Game Head of State SADA online
Head of State SADA
Game Roads of Rome online
Roads of Rome
Game Wedding Planner online
Wedding Planner
Game Savage Planet Defense online
Savage Planet Defense
Game Motorcycle Tycoon online
Motorcycle Tycoon
Game Railway Valley 2 online
Railway Valley 2
Game Royal Envoy 2 online
Royal Envoy 2
Game Super Nature War 3 online
Super Nature War 3
Game Battle Stance Human Campaign online
Battle Stance Human Campaign
Game Unit commander online
Unit commander
Game Giants and Dwarves TD online
Giants and Dwarves TD
Game Farm Topino online
Farm Topino
Game The Amusement Park online
The Amusement Park
Game Corporation Inc online
Corporation Inc
Game Monster Town Defense online
Monster Town Defense
Game Siege Knight online
Siege Knight
Game Empire Builder Ancient Egypt online
Empire Builder Ancient Egypt
Game Innkeeper online
Game catch em if you can online
catch em if you can
Game Plant Life 2 online
Plant Life 2
Game Kingdoms: Nobility online
Kingdoms: Nobility
Game Gift Corner online
Gift Corner
Game NYC Mafiosi online
NYC Mafiosi
Game Kingdomy online
Game Z-Wars: The Tower Defence online
Z-Wars: The Tower Defence
Game Tinysasters online
Game Mars Colonies online
Mars Colonies
Game Flower Greenhouse online
Flower Greenhouse
Game Festival Fever online
Festival Fever
Game Cargo Shipment - Chicago online
Cargo Shipment - Chicago
Game Coffee Shop online
Coffee Shop
Game Watermelon Farm online
Watermelon Farm
Game Kairi's Ice Cream Shop online
Kairi's Ice Cream Shop
Game Vacation Mogul online
Vacation Mogul
Game Submarine Vs Aliens online
Submarine Vs Aliens
Game Unions online
Game Ant War online
Ant War
Game Battle of Antarctica online
Battle of Antarctica
Game Bog actekov online
Bog actekov
Game Ski Resort Mogul online
Ski Resort Mogul
Game Farm Away online
Farm Away
Game House Estate online
House Estate
Game Shop Empire online
Shop Empire
Game Balloon Town online
Balloon Town
Game First Wave online
First Wave
Game Guitar tycoon online
Guitar tycoon
Game Toxers : Escape From Metropolis Isle online
Toxers : Escape From Metropolis Isle
Game Mad Dragon online
Mad Dragon
Game Daily Life 2: The Adventure Continues... online
Daily Life 2: The Adventure Continues...
Game Build Your Own Town online
Build Your Own Town
Game Ying BaoBao Sauna Bath online
Ying BaoBao Sauna Bath
Game Shopping Street online
Shopping Street
Game Robot Shop online
Robot Shop
Game 1 Will Survive 2  online
1 Will Survive 2
Game Elite Realtor online
Elite Realtor
Game The defense of a giant pig online
The defense of a giant pig
Game Castle Restaurant online
Castle Restaurant
Game King of the Rocks online
King of the Rocks
Game Balloonium online
Game Defending Radish online
Defending Radish
Game Celtic village online
Celtic village
Game Cargo Shipment New York online
Cargo Shipment New York
Game Happy tower online
Happy tower
Game Tower Up online
Tower Up
Game Heroes of War online
Heroes of War
Game All my goods online
All my goods
Game iPlayer: Empire Online 2  online
iPlayer: Empire Online 2
Game Farm 2 online
Farm 2
Game Humaliens Battle 4 online
Humaliens Battle 4
Game Game Corp online
Game Corp
Game Rebuild 2 online
Rebuild 2
Game Hex empire online
Hex empire
Game Beef Bash: 100% Horsecow Edition online
Beef Bash: 100% Horsecow Edition
Game Youda Farmer 3: Seasons online
Youda Farmer 3: Seasons
Game The King's Hexes online
The King's Hexes
Game Record Shop Tycoon online
Record Shop Tycoon
Game Beauty Resort 2 online
Beauty Resort 2
Game Shopping City online
Shopping City
Game Unfabulous Burger Bustle! online
Unfabulous Burger Bustle!
Game Bones online
Game Super Slider: Seasons online
Super Slider: Seasons
Game Undermountain  online
Game Develop your island online
Develop your island
Game Hugecity online
Game Chiken Chase online
Chiken Chase
Game Ski Resort Mogul online
Ski Resort Mogul
Game Factory Rush online
Factory Rush
Game Dress up shop summer collection online
Dress up shop summer collection
Game Tower Defence: Generals online
Tower Defence: Generals
Game We Fight Loan Shark online
We Fight Loan Shark
Game Jane Realty online
Jane Realty
Game Flash City online
Flash City
Game Myth War 2 online
Myth War 2
Game Kingdom Defense online
Kingdom Defense
Game Dress Up Shop: Autumn Collection online
Dress Up Shop: Autumn Collection
Game Festival Fever online
Festival Fever
Game Smithy of games online
Smithy of games
Game Solar System Defence online
Solar System Defence
Game Super Ant online
Super Ant
Game Garage Tycoon online
Garage Tycoon
Game Teenas Hotel online
Teenas Hotel
Game Pirates of the Caribbean II online
Pirates of the Caribbean II
Game Motherload online
Game Strategery 2012 online
Strategery 2012
Game Resort Empire online
Resort Empire
Game Divine Generals online
Divine Generals
Game Terra Strike M4 online
Terra Strike M4
Game Fisherman online
Game Youda Jewel Shop online
Youda Jewel Shop
Game Hungry Animals  online
Hungry Animals
Game Go Town  online
Go Town
Game Kingdom Of Zombies  online
Kingdom Of Zombies
Game Zombies Inc online
Zombies Inc
Game Battlefield Arena online
Battlefield Arena
Game Roller Coaster 3 online
Roller Coaster 3
Game Zombiemart online
Game Easter Bistro online
Easter Bistro
Game Urban Plans online
Urban Plans
Game Garden Shop online
Garden Shop
Game Off World Express online
Off World Express
Game Brave Knights online
Brave Knights
Game Outsmart online
Game Adelantado Trilogy: Book One online
Adelantado Trilogy: Book One
Game Headshire Throw online
Headshire Throw
Game Urban Plans online
Urban Plans
Game Eco - Ego online
Eco - Ego
Game Supply the orders online
Supply the orders
Game Balloon Glare Rome online
Balloon Glare Rome
Game Open Restaurant online
Open Restaurant
Game Resort Empire online
Resort Empire
Game Sim Lemonade Millionaire online
Sim Lemonade Millionaire
Game Fondue Ice-Cream online
Fondue Ice-Cream
Game Tower Defence! online
Tower Defence!
Game Money  online
Game All my Gods online
All my Gods
Game Frenzy Bar online
Frenzy Bar
Game Pact online
Game Fire Defence online
Fire Defence
Game Lunch Break online
Lunch Break
Game Janes Realty online
Janes Realty
Game Monetary war. Multiplayer  online
Monetary war. Multiplayer
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The economic strategy of the game is also called economic simulator.In the direction of games gamer acts as an entrepreneur and manages virtual resources, the economy picks up some object or group of companies, and the main goal - to develop the infrastructure and to maintain stability in the achieved prosperity.Ideally, the player did not have to build - he gets ready the item you want to develop.But there are cases when it is necessary to start from scratch.If the terms of the gameplay process begins with the construction, the bank already has a certain amount of money that a person must skillfully order by building a profitable venture and received from him a certain income, start to move in the future growth.Often it concerns the construction of cities, railways, ports and other public projects.In the case of farms, cafes, hotels, shops - the player is already in place the object on which it is necessary to make start-up capital, which brings either visitors or sale of goods.Simulations by the rules closer to the reality of the game, and not to burn, the player must carefully plan costs and to invest in that, at this stage, he will bring a guaranteed profit.If the steps taken were correct, you will see how increasing your virtual cash account.Otherwise, you will begin to suffer losses very quickly, why follow the complete collapse of the enterprise.Economic simulation strategy game - the game is a multi-level, where the action takes place gradually, and the aim of all the processes of the genre - to continuously expand business and increase capital.Since this genre is popular based on it created a lot of interesting stories, ready to find its admirers.Frequent military topics, where you have to build a fortress, recruit an army and develop it.Speaking from the military campaigns, the victory will bring considerable profits and boost the coffers.Additional funds will help equip soldiers more modern and powerful weapons, provide additional protection characteristic of the historical period - chain mail, shields and body armor.Equipment or heavy weapons are also present in the store - armored vehicles, machine guns, cannons, rams, kamnemety and so on.But, once in the same Middle Ages, you can keep quite a peaceful development of the state, chopping wood, building a building, learning mines, roads and establish trade relations with its neighbors.Manage the ski resort looks interesting exercise, if you have long settled down in this genre and are looking for new experiences.Here, in addition to their own interests, we must not forget the safety rest.Carefully choose the new tracks, and the purchase of new equipment will replace outdated, many times a refurbished.But even the most modern mechanisms fail.Their timely repair will help prevent injuries and deaths of your visitors.But you can not just make a fortune by producing something.Becoming a smuggler, procuring prohibited goods cheaper and sell at exorbitant prices, for example, opium.What will you do with the profit, learn from stories of games with a criminal basis.Children will love to develop land dwarf, growing and harvesting crops, sell it on the market and buy the earned capital necessary for further development.Game "Fishdom", "Miracle Farm," "Brave garden", "Cafe mania" has long been loved by children to and mild to offer them to join the world of capital.Start small, you learn to manage a great job.